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RSN™ Guide: Knowing Your Enemy

In order to effectively fight an enemy, you have to understand them.

We monitor the media in Western Africa for these insights – how scammers live, how they think, and their tricks and techniques.

Here is a guide that was published to show new scammers how to get started:

Becoming A Yahoo Boy in Nigeria: Easy Steps

So you’ve searched our cyberspace, looking for how to become a yahoo boy and make money here in Nigeria. If that is true, please stay on this page cause I might be able to save your life. I want you to relax cause this article is going to show you simple steps on how you can avoid making the most hideous mistake in life. That will be possible only if you’re ready to open your mind. Yes!

At the end of this article, your life will definitely not be the same. I don’t want you to rush this article.. Please, take your time. If there’s a book around, bring it closer cause you might need to write some important things down.

Now let’s go down to business. Why do you want to become a yahoo boy? Do you know the risk? Do you know the dangers and torments that comes after? You must have read online, or probably heard from a friend that Yahoo Yahoo or Yahoo plus is a lucrative business. Many people have built mansions. Lots of others have bought cars and Jetm, just by reaping from the pocket of others. Most of these rich Lagos boys might be into this business, going by the way they lavish money in parties. Most of them have landed in the hands of EFCCEFCC Economic and Financial Crimes Commission The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (419 fraud), scams, and money laundering. The EFCC was established in 2003, partially in response to pressure from the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), which named Nigeria as one of 23 countries non-cooperative in the international community's efforts to fight money laundering. The agency has its head office in Abuja, Nigeria., while the lucky ones lived to fight another day.

Before writing this article, I took my time to meet with some yahoo boys who seem to have retired from the business. The first person I met, James (Not real name) a handsome young man in his early 30s have this to say.

“I started Yahoo when I was 22 years old and during that time, 2go was very popular. A friend of mine exposed this business to me and going by his looks, he was really eating money. I desperately need money so I obliged to be helped. It took him a week to teach me all the rudiments, even how to change my voice to a female voice when speaking with a client. Yes, I undertook a vocal training. It’s unlike now that we have appsApps Applications or Apps An application (software), commonly referred to as an ‘app’ is a program on a computer, tablet, mobile phone or device. Apps are designed for specific tasks, including checking the weather, accessing the internet, looking at photos, playing media, mobile banking, etc. Many apps can access the internet if needed and can be downloaded (used) either for a price or for free. Apps are a major point of vulnerability on all devices. Some are designed to be malicious, such as logging keystrokes or activity, and others can even transport malware. Always be careful about any app you are thinking about installing. that can smoothly alter ones voice.

My first client was a 64 years old American single mum. She fell in love with my fake profile pictures and keep asking me to come over to the US. She promised to take care of everything, including the VISA. At that moment, I knew I have caught a new meat and went ahead to explore that opportunity.

She sent me over $10,000 to prepare for the US.. When I got the money through western union transfer, I ended up blockingBlocking Blocking is a technical action usually on social media or messaging platforms that restricts or bans another profile from seeing or communicating with your profile. To block someone on social media, you can usually go to their profile and select it from a list of options - often labeled or identified with three dots ••• every means of communication with her.. It was very possible cause every means of communication was solely for the business and it was all fake, automated, with fake bio data and images.

Within few more months, I was already on money cause I have swaddled lots of money from people. I moved out of my parents house. They knew that I was doing something bad, but they couldn’t do anything about it. I was very stubborn, more stubborn cause I can now afford anything that I want.

The day I hit N50M was the day I dropped out of school. I was hardly in class anyway and the course rep of my department was tired of sorting courses for me. I use to sort every course, even assignments. Yes, I have so much money to even give to dogs.

In the mist of all the millions, I still was not happy. My bank account had over N300M, that’s excluding some money I hid underground. but I was unhappy and unfulfilled . Seeing people around, laugh and play even though they had no money tormented me. They had no money, but they were more happy than I am. Every minute of the day, i’m in hiding. Nobody touches my phone nor my laptop.. Not even my fellow G guys.

My turning point was when I was about to commit suicide. It was a Sunday evening, quiet as usual. I have perfectly tie the rope on the fan. When I was about to climb the chair, I heard a knock on the door. It’s been long someone visited me, I don’t even allow people to visit me. My fellow G guys don’t even know where I live.. I waited, to see if the knock will stop.. To see if the person will go away.. But the knock was persistent.. I climbed down from the chair, to see who was at the door.

When I opened the door, what I saw was indescribable. I saw a little boy, with the most adorable eyes I have never seen.. He smiled and handed me a flyer.. There was something about his eyes. It was like it looked into my soul. He saw the deepest part of me. I am not religious or superstitious, but this little boy carried an aura I have never felt in my life. The flyer he gave changed me life. All the money I made was given to the less privileged.

I started life all over again. It wasn’t easy, but it was fulfilling eating the fruit of my sweat. If I had known what know today, I won’t have become a yahoo boy.”