Threats And Your Local Risk – SCARS™ Guide

SCARS™ Guide: Threats And Your Local Risk Are You Worried That Scammers Will Come After You? We have heard from countless victims who truly feared for their lives! Almost always without real reason, but for every rule there are exceptions. Let's Break Down What Your Real Risks Are: First, it is important to understand that not all scammers or online criminals are African. Frankly, this makes a major difference in the type and magnitude of [...]


Over 1,300 Arrested in ‘Tea Leaves’ CHINA Online Dating Scam World Record For Romance Scammer Arrests! Gangs used chat apps, hot models, and herbal infusions to entrap lovelorn men. Police in the southern province of Guangdong have busted huge rings of online dating scammers who posed as attractive women to defraud men into buying pricey tea and other products, Guangzhou Daily reported Friday. Local police announced at a briefing on Thursday that they had cracked 13 gangs [...]

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Chinese Blessing Scams 騙局警告:中國祝福騙局

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Chinese Blessing Scams 騙局警告:中國祝福騙局 The Blessing Scam Is Also Called The "Ghost Scam" Or "Jewelry Scam 祝福騙局也稱為“鬼騙局”或“珠寶騙局” The blessing scam (also known as the "Ghost Scam" or "Jewelry Scam") is a confidence trick typically perpetrated against elderly women of Chinese origin. The scam originated in China and Hong Kong and victims have fallen for it worldwide including in Chinatowns and overseas Chinese communities. The object of the scam is to persuade the [...]

SCARS Romance Scammer Gallery: Various Scammers Men & Women #9739

SCARS Romance Scammer Gallery: Various Scammers Men & Women #9739 Some You May Have Seen Before! Though they change their names more often than you change your socks! Here are photos of recently reported Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia and other Dating Scammers   Tell us about your experiences with Romance Scammers in our Scams Discussion Forum on Facebook » FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers? It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & [...]