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Welcome to the Scammer Wasteland


We know this, right?



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A stranger sends you a friend request, and what do you do? You look to see who it is, right?

Ok, so far?

Except it is like one of those horror movies, where the group of friends are standing outside an old run-down gothic haunted house and they all want to leave, but you want to go it. They are right, turn around and run!

The minute you determine that this unknown friend request is a person you don’t know, from a country you don’t know, or a place you don’t know, BLOCK HIM or HER!


This is not the age of open social media anymore, where we connect with everyone and anyplace, to learn about cultures and different people. This is the age of SCAM and FRAUD and FEAR and TRAUMA.

Every day we speak with hundreds of people who never learned that simple lesson. Many industry analysts estimate that 30% of online fraud funds terrorists. That is a 1 in 3 chance YOU are FUNDING TERRORISM. You cannot afford to allow even one scammer through the door. If you do, you serve the scammer ALL of your friends and family on a silver platter.

We cannot emphasize this enough.

If you have friends, real friends, and real family that connects to your Facebook profile, you have a responsibility and so do they to protect their connections, to help keep everyone safe. You have to think about strangers online just like strangers at your front door. Should you open the door and let them in?


Because if you do, a year from now you will be someone who gave away even more of your treasure, and let the scammer go after your friends and family. AND THEY WILL go after them.

Scammers are becoming increasingly mean and vicious. They are using blackmail scams, and threats of violence more and more. Is this what you want to unleash on yourself, on your real friends and family? OF COURSE NOT!

What is the rule ABOUT venomous snakes?

Look but don’t touch! Same with scammers.

If you are curious, look but don’t touch.


If you cannot learn this lesson, you will be forever reliving those old horror movies. Chained in the basement, with the monster bleeding you to death.

Is that too dramatic?

No, it is not, because that is what scammers do – they bleed you to death! They take and take until you have nothing left. Then they move on to your friends and family.

You must learn this lesson, and share it with your family and friends too.

There is always one guard at the gate that screws up and lets the barbarians in during the cover of night. Don’t be that guard!

Wake up! Stop being curious! Protect your friends & family!

Wake Up & Watch For Scammers

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