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RSN™ Anti-Scam Clue: Social Media Friends

RSN™ Anti-Scam Clue: Social Media Friends When you look at a Facebook Profile and you suspect it might be fake, look also at the FRIENDS. NOTE: real people don't let strangers look at their friends (usually), so if you are not yet this person's friend, and you can see all of their friends - RED FLAG. Though it could just be a person that doesn't understand privacy settings. If you have not locked down your privacy [...]

What Is More Dangerous?

Welcome to the Scammer Wasteland SCAMMERS ARE NASTY We know this, right? YOU KNOW WHAT IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN A SCAMMER? YOUR OWN CURIOSITY !!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A stranger sends you a friend request, and what do you do? You look to see who it is, right? Ok, so far? Except it is like one of those horror movies, where the [...]