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SCARS™ Scammer’s Guides: How To Scam On Facebook Without Getting Banned

According To Yahoo Boy Blogs, This Is How You Scam On Facebook

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Following describes criminal behavior and is presented for public information with the goal of being able to combat it. It is not here to promote or glorify it at all.


Scammers are spreading and it is important to understand their techniques to be able to block them and help others understand. In this series, we will be presenting various Nigerian Yahoo Boy Guides that we have found to help you better understand scamming and how they work. The following is in the Scammers or Yahoo Boys own words!

We do not mention the author’s name to make it difficult to find our posts.

“How To Scam On Facebook Without Getting Banned” In The Scammer’S Own Words:

Before the advent of phishing, cloning, and other forms of scams, scamming people on Facebook was one of the most popular kinds of scam yahoo boys were doing.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the secrets of how to scam anyone on Facebook and still protect your account. Now, this secret doesn’t only fit for white people, you can also scam another person and still make money.

As a Facebook fraudster, I tried this trick the longest time ago, and I was able to generate about Five Hundred Thousand (500,000)  in 3 days.

If you apply these tricks, you will also be able to make the same amount or even more than I did. If trying to scam white people doesn’t work, you can look for a rich person on Facebook and still scam them.

Scammer Vocabulary: CLIENT = VICTIM

5 Steps To Successfully Scam On Facebook

It doesn’t require much expertise, so I will make the steps as simple as possible. All I need you to do is just follow them as I have explained.

Open A New Secured Facebook Account

A secured Facebook account is the type of account that will never get banned again – at least till you’ve achieved your aim of scamming whomever you want to scam on Facebook.

It is very clear that once you open a new Facebook account, it gets blocked and banned instantly. This is as a result of the Facebook team trying to eliminate the issue of “Fake accounts” on their system.

The issue now is;

“Why do they block some people instantly?”

The following are some of the reasons:

  • You start sending friend requests frequently
  • You start accepting automated requests
  • Some people don’t fill out their profiles well
  • Or you start actively using it immediately you create the account.
  • All or some of the above reasons are what sends negative feedback to the Facebook Team, and the immediately block your account.

So if you want to create a new fake Facebook account that will allow you scam on Facebook, then you should read “this post” very well.

Your Facebook Profile Should Be “Rich”

Whether you are impersonating a white man or a celebrity, your profile should be “rich” and “rich”.

You can’t scam on Facebook when you have just 3 pictures on your profile wall. Everyone would know that it is a fake profile.

Your account should possess the following qualities:

  • A rich personality
  • Someone matured
  • Investment-minded
  • Who deals on several businesses
  • An active social media life.
  • All these are just to convince people that your account isn’t a fake account. When people on Facebook believe that your account isn’t a fake account, it becomes easy to scam anyone on Facebook easily.

Post “Your” Exotic Lifestyle

People believe what they see; if what they see isn’t convincing enough, they won’t believe what you tell them. The picture might not necessarily be yours; if you are using a white man’s picture, then you have to look for a white man who is very rich and not popular to people.

Most people on Facebook don’t even care to do research about a profile. As long as your picture looks quite good and rich, they will believe you wholeheartedly.

There are many places you can collect pictures, and some of them are;

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Dating sites (Meetme, eharmony, Myspace)

These are the three best places you can get pictures of people and use for your own account. The above method applies to those who are using a white man’s picture to create a Facebook account.

If you want to create a normal black picture then you should use “Instagram” as your source of pictures.

Note: The name of the Instagram account should be the same as the Facebook account you will create. So just in case, people want to research about you, they wouldn’t see you as a scam.

Get the Client (Victim)

This can work for any type of type of person, so you don’t really need to get a European man or American man. If you are lucky to see a white man, then it is a good catch also for you.

In this case, anybody that falls for you is a good fit. As long as they are able to pay the money that you want, go ahead and scam them.

You don’t necessarily need to start chatting with the clients you want to scam on Facebook. Since Facebook allows your friends to see most of your posts, this will be a good step for you;

  • Tell them you want to be their friends
  • If they accept your plea, send them a friend request.
  • If they accept your friend requests, start promoting your scam
  • Show winners
  • Show them your riches along the line.
  • Then scam them

Scam Your Client

For Example: If you are promoting a “Scam betting win”, you will have to keep showing “Fake Winnings” from people who played your bet and won.

The more you show these winnings, the more people will believe you.

Then you can go ahead to tell them to subscribe to your bet for 10k per month or something like