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™ Scam Alert: Scammers Ask Victims To

WARNING: If A Scammer Asked You To Install Software Or An App Get Rid Of It!

We are finding that a new trick that scammers are employing is to ask victims to install remote access software / apps on their computers and phones!

These Include:  ANYDESK, TEAM VIEWER, and Others.

What this does is give the scammer remote access and remote control of your phone or computer. This means they can see what you do, including your home banking, and even take control and do things without you knowing it.

This also means THEY could install still more software or apps on your computer or phone.

This is as serious as it gets and the consequence of doing what the scammers ask. You could have given them the ability to control your bank account, your social security account, or perform other identity theft. You could also have given the scammer to use your device in other criminal activity, such as sending our scam emails or messages.

The first step is to make sure you do not have anything like this installed. If you NEVER installed anything at the request of the scammer fine, but you might have installed a virus or key-logger just by clicking on a link in one of the scammer’s messages!

You can take your phone to your local carrier’s stores to have your phone checked. They will help you look for apps that you do not need or want.