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SCARS Webinar: Telling Your Story Part 2 [VIDEO]

Telling Your Family & Friends


April 23, 2022

Every Scam Victim Need To Tell Their Story

An excerpt from our upcoming SCARS Gold Book on Telling Your Story

First, understand that this is not going to be easy! But it is easier than hiding the secret inside!

By sharing your story you will reduce your trauma and improve your chances for a solid recovery!

How Can You Explain What Happened To Family And Friends? If you do this, no one should blame you. No one should shame you.

  • The simplest explanation is the best explanation.
  • They mostly want to know if you are alright!
  • They will be concerned about your future stability!
  • Be honest – do not conceal – but you can exclude
  • Share your true emotional state! It begins with your initial preparation of the facts.

This is presented by SCARS Directors: Dr. Tim McGuinness and Debby Montgomery Johnson

Duration: 69 Minutes

Learn more about telling your story here: How To Explain It To Others

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