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Every 5 Seconds Someone Is Scammed Online

Online fraud is more pervasive and widespread than even the government knows. Everyone knows someone who has been scammed online.

We invite you to finally understand the true dangers online and what you can do about it – to avoid, to recover, and to stop it!

October 27, 2017 Thursday 6-8pm

at in Miami – 4425 W 20th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33012

Scams come in many different kinds and approaches and they lure in people from every walk of life from rich to poor. Avoiding scams online is not a joke it is a serious set of skills that every needs to learn to safely and effectively use the web or even your smartphone. What is worse is that scammers are going after our children and the elderly too and all to often children are afraid to even tell the adults in their lives about scams they are subjected to.

Isn’t it time you really learned what is going on out there?

Individual online scams account for Billions of dollars lost by people just like you every year!

Isn’t it time you became expert enough to stay safe and help your friends, family, and the businesses you work for?

Yes, businesses are now being targeted as never before. Online business fraud will reach over $30 billion this year alone.

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