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What are the dangers from scammers?

You know the obvious one – you fall for a scammer and they take your soul and money.

But are their other dangers?


So what are they?


Access. To start with the obvious, by friending a scammer you give them access to your family and friends, even your children! This is how they prospect for more victims, like a leech they move from one victim to another. Most people do not have their friends list set to ONLY ME so usually all of your friends can see all of your other friends. It means you are like a disease carrier transmitting or infecting everyone you know.

SOLUTION: Stop friending people you don’t personally know. Also use what you have learned to help your friends and family clean out their friends list. If you help them, they can help others!

RULE: Never Friend Someone You Do Not Know In Person!


. You know what this is right? Computer viruses! Scammers are involved in international malware distribution, because there is money to be made! Ransomware is becoming the most common, but there are others such as email BotNets. The scammer only has to send you a message that contains a link, and you will click it, right? Boom, you are now infected with Malware. If it is Ransomware it will encrypt and lock all of the files on your computer – if you did this at work, it can lock all the files across your who company network and YOU are responsible! If it is a BotNet, this is a kind of virus that sends out millions of emails – Nigerian Price emails, across the internet. These can get your internet access suspended or at the very least slow it to a crawl. There are others including keystroke recorders that let them get access to every account on your computer – email, banking, company, etc.

SOLUTION: Remove all your unknown friends, and don’t click on unknown links. Install GOOD anti-malware software such as MalwareBytes.

RULE: Never click on a link from someone you do not know and trust! Ever, ever, ever!


. You gave the scammer access to your friends and family, right? So now they know a lot about you. Where you work, who your friends and family are.