SCARS™ Scam News: Another Scammer Kingpin Arrested In India

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SCARS™ Scam News: Another Scammer Kingpin Arrested In India

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SCARS™ Scam News: Another Scammer Kingpin Arrested In India

Blackmail Sextortion Ring In India Broken Up And The Kingpin “Shereef” Arrested

According to one Indian News source:

Seven now held in the racket and two more remain to be nabbed

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the racket that duped young women and blackmailed them arrested one more person on Saturday.

The arrested was identified as Shereef, who, according to the police, was the ‘mastermind’ behind the nefarious plans of the racket. With his arrest, the number of arrests rose to seven and at least two more remain to be caught.

Apart from Shereef, the other major player of the racket was Rafeeque, who was among the four persons arrested initially, the police said. It was Rafeeque, already married and father of two, who played the role of the potential bridegroom of actor Shamna Kasim from behind the curtain that eventually led to the busting of the racket.

A TikTok video of Shereef posing before a police vehicle was shot by the fraudsters, according to police, which was later used to impress their victims about their connections. In fact, Shereef had the number of Rafeeque saved in the name of some senior police officer to further win the trust of their unsuspecting victims.

The police, however, are yet to piece together the modus operandi of the racket that had previously baited young women with acting offers. “They probably chose her as their ‘big ticket’ victim. We are probing what was their larger plan behind attempting to entice her with a marriage proposal,” said Vijay Sakhare, District Police Chief (Kochi City).

The police are learnt to have invoked serious charges in all seven FIRs, including human trafficking charges, while another two more FIRs are likely to be registered shortly.

Meanwhile, one of the victims, who tried to lodge a petition in a city station as early as in March, hinted at the involvement of more people and aired her concerns about personal safety.

It appears that is the custom in India, details of the crimes were not detailed to avoid causing shame on the victims. It appears this gang would entice young women through dating websites and then compromise them and make them submit them to blackmail.

There is no clear idea of the number of victims that this crew victimized, but some believe it is in the hundreds if not thousands.

From another Indian New outlet:

The prime accused in Shamna Kasim blackmailing case, Shereef, has been arrested by the police.

Palakkad native Shereef was arrested on Saturday morning and is being questioned by the police in Kochi.

Shereef, who was hiding in Tamil Nadu, was nabbed by police while he was making plans to surrender in the court. It is reported that Shereef is the leader of the gang that blackmailed Shamna Kasim and extorted money from several other women. He was the one who masterminded all the scams. However, he was not physically present to carry out most of these scams. He made contact with most of the victims, including Shamna Kasim , through phone.

Police received information about Shereef from the co-accused and also from the complainants. It is also reported that apart from smuggling gold, they were also involved in hawala transactions. Police hopes to unearth several secrets by questioning Shereef.



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