SCARS' Scam Survivor's Medal

SCARS’ Scam Survivor’s Medal

Are You A Scam Survivor?

For All of You Who are Scam Victims You are Truly a Survivor and a Hero!

We Salute You!

We present to each of you the SCARS Survivor’s Medal in recognition of your achievement and to remind you that you are a survivor!

You stopped your scammer and opened your eyes. You turned away from the scam and found the support of other victims.

That is no small achievement in this life! You deserve a medal and here it is!

This is ONLY for YOU!

As a SCARS Member Organization, we are pleased to present you with the SCARS’ Crimson Heart Medal™ for Surviving Your Romance Scam.

Feel free to save this and post it on your profile.


The Whole RSN Team.