Stop Thinking And Just Let Things Happen

This is a bit of a conflict.

You need your brain in gear when dealing with scammers, but you need to stop overthinking about what happened.

Rely more on instincts.

If you are honest with yourself, your instincts probably told you something was wrong with the scammer long before you let yourself accept it because you were overthinking – meaning your thought processes could not accept what your instincts were telling you.

You let your “needs and wants” overrule your instincts in the beginning (the Amygdala Hijack). They worked against your better self.

And they working against your recovery now too.

Stop thinking about the scam and the scammer. It’s over so let it go.

Justice doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something to get better, and when you do THEN you can help others, but you have to help yourself first.

RSN™ Psychology Of Scams: Stop Thinking 2