SCAM ALERT: Stop Using Google Hangouts!

A SCARS Scam Warning

Google hangouts only exists because of scammers and their victims! Don’t use it!

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You Have To Stop Using Google Hangouts!

Google Hangouts Is Scammer City!

Unfortunately, Google’s social media platforms – both Hangouts and Google+ are both infested beyond redemption. In fact, Google is discontinuing both in the very near future.

Most Scammers Want You To Go To Google Hangouts Almost Immediately!

Why Do You Think That Is?

Is it because Hangouts is so much better than Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or something else? NO!

It is because Google is better at policing their platform? No, scammers have free run of the Hangouts!

Do you have a Google Hangouts account now!? If you do – Delete it – right now.

You don’t need it. You can communicate with Family and Friends in a safer environments, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Signal, or WhatsApp for example.

Even though 50% of the accounts on Facebook are fake, it is still a safer environment than Google’s. In Facebook you can prevent scammers from contacting you.

Hangouts Serves No Purpose Except As A Home To Scammers!

Delete Your Account Now!

Go On, Do It Right Now Before You Forget!

Delete Your Googler HANGOUTS Account Now!

Delete Your Google HANGOUTS Account Now!

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