Real Fake – A Graphic Novel from CISA

“Deep Fakes” and advanced technology Impersonations

Developed by the United States Cybercrime & Infrastructure Security Agency

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Real Fake

The first graphic novel in US DHS CISA’s Resilience Series communicates the dangers and risks associated with dis- and misinformation through fictional stories that are inspired by real-world events.

Readers follow protagonists Rachel and Andre as they discover that a command center in Russia is using a network of troll farms to spread false narratives about elections to American voters. With the elections coming up, Rachel and Andre follow the trail of synthetic media and stop the cyber assailants from causing chaos, confusion, and division.

Another reason to present this here, it that the technology they are talking about in the graphic novel is already being used to impersonate through fake videos that lure in scam victims to convince them they are seeing the real person!