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Happy New Year 2015Welcome To 2015

Will this be the year we put and end to large-scale online romance scams?

Probably not, but through our combined efforts we are having and impact.

In fact, one anti-scam website called appears to be run by scammers out of Italy.  Little did they know that we live and breath copyrights, and are going after them with a vengeance! This is but one example of how you have to be careful who you trust and listen to.  There are several great sites dedicated to helping victims of dating scams and potential victims, and we hope that we are one of them (if you agree, please say so in a comment?).

We found this recently, and we think it sums up the New Year!

The new year is a time to celebrate new beginnings. It is time to celebrate having a clean slate. Anything is possible because the past doesn’t matter. It has become a time to celebrate our romantic relationships by kissing at the moment that the new year begins. Many of us also celebrate by getting totally wasted. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. But please don’t drink and drive. Celebrating the new year by saying that your life and the lives of others on the streets are not important is not exactly life affirming.

Family Friend Poems

We would add, that this will be your year, the year you find your true love, and are forevermore out of reach of scammers.  Let us all hope that this hope comes true for each of you!

Our Best Wishes For This New Year!

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Happy New Year 2015