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We Did It! YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: A few moments ago we passed a real milestone in our website's history. We broke a major record in the number of visitors on our website We thank every one of your for your help in fighting scammers around the world. We ARE the number 1 anti-romance-scammer website in the world! While that may not seem like much, this allows us to help more potential victims, and poison [...]

Happy New Year

Welcome To 2015 Will this be the year we put and end to large-scale online romance scams? Probably not, but through our combined efforts we are having and impact. In fact, one anti-scam website called appears to be run by scammers out of Italy.  Little did they know that we live and breath copyrights, and are going after them with a vengeance! This is but one example of how you have to be careful [...]