We did an audit of a few hundred people on Facebook, and guess what we found?


You need to check your Friends List right now!

It’s ok, we will wait! Do it now!

RULE #1: Remove all friends that you don’t personally know.

Friends are not a contest. The one with the most friends does NOT win, in fact you lose because you are adding people you don’t know!

You need to learn these lessons to avoid scammers!

The first rule is not friends you don’t know.

RULE #2: Don’t accept new friends requests without checking them out first – ask you other friends if they know that person.

You may not care, but your friends don’t want you to expose them to scammers either!

Don’t be irresponsible with your friends, and encourage them to do the same!

RULE #3: Make it a habit to check you friends list once a week. Check you family members friends list weekly also. You cannot be too safe!

If you had been doing this, you might not have become a victim.

The time to learn this lesson is now!