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Just imagine that all your scam problems could be resolved in an instant using … [drum roll please]

– – – – – – – – TELEPATHY! – – – – – – – –

Why you could discover your scammer’s secrets, you could will the police to do something, you could cause the scammer endless sleepless nights, you could ….

Can you imagine it? Can you? Can you?

Well, it’s good if you can’t because it is not real!

It is just another Recovery Scam Attempt!

We received this comment on our website, and decided to share it with you as the most original scam we have seen in a long time!

Don’t you dare believe it, or we will tell your mother!

Here is the comment unedited:

My Name is Allen Smith from USA and I was a victim of numerous scams and I made several complains to the Authorities and even online for help and nothing was forth coming,I must tell you I took the bravest step in my life by going the extra Mile to Consult a Telepathic Expert who is specialised in recovery and restoration of what ever issues troubling you,At First I never believed in Such but when I contacted Master Tallion Bode,he asked me a few questions,Gave me an instruction which I followed and bearly seven days after the encountered I got several emails and calls from the Foolish Fraudster who Pleaded for mercy because he was having night mares and decided to payback the huge sum he stole from me. As at Today,I have recovered 60% of My Money he stole and he is Begging for his Life.

Guys its either you remain a fool by wasting time complaining or Get those Bastards to pay back every penny they stole from you or relatives by Contacting Master Tallion Via

Now is The Time To Act.

Now is the time to make fun of how stupid scammers think we all are!

There is a reason why there is a name for scams like this – it is a Recovery Scam.

Recovery Scams are ALL fake, whether pitched by an African scammer or some guy in a uniform. Once your money is in their hands it is gone for good – we wish it wasn’t so.

Accepting this truth is hard and painful. Unfortunately, there are no “Do Overs”.

If you are a victim and hurting, message us, we operate 10 separate scam victims support groups to help you through your recovery.

Oh by the way here is the scammer’s email – feel free to say hello:

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