A Quick Way To Understand The Brain & Trauma [Infographic]

Courtesy of NICABM

A SCARS Psychology of Scams Insight

An Infographic that Provides a Quick and Simple Way to Think about the Brain

Could having a map of the brain help victims better understand the concepts of trauma and its effects on the brain?

For example, just being able to show victims what part of the brain controls emotion, or the nervous system could open the door to helping them learn how to regulate these areas.

NICABM created an infographic based on the work of Paul D. MacLean, MD, and Rick Hanson, Ph.D. that helps to make this clear.

This was provided courtesy of the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine [NICABM] – copyright © 2017 – used with permission

A Quick and Simple Way to Think about the Brain [Infographic]
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