SCARS Open Letter: To Western Union

SCARS Open Letter: To Western Union An Open Letter To Western Union Dear Western Union In a world filled with fraud and identity theft, you have to ask yourself what role you play in perpetuating and facilitating these crimes? We understand that you are the World's Money Sender - the largest by far, and you fill a vital role in helping private individuals in sending urgent money to friends and family.  Frankly, we are very [...]

Scammer Deportations From The U.S. By I.C.E.

Scammer Deportations From The U.S. Do we want the global scamming cartels setting up shop permanently in the United States as they are in Europe, Asia, and Latin America? In the War in Scams both the United States Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) are on the front lines every day, preventing scammers from entering the United States and removing them when found. In 2017 alone ICE deported more than 12,398 Scammers [...]

Malaysian Scammer: Elizabeth Hershey

Please Share RSN - Help Save Other Victims!

Elizabeth Hershey – possibly stolen photo One From Malaysia This Time! They are all over the planet folks!  Don’t think you are safe just because they [...]

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