KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Do You Know This Girl? Danielle Delaunay is an Favorite Of African Scammers

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KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Do You Know This Girl? Danielle Delaunay is an Favorite Of African Scammers

Dating Scammers Choice Award WinnerDo You Know This Girl?

Danielle Delaunay 

Another Scammers Choice Award Winner

Of course you really don’t since these are stolen photos used by African Scammers, but she is popular!  If you see her photo on a dating site – guess what?  She is being used by a Scammer!

Here is a gallery of  

Danielle Delaunay’s

photos we have found:


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  1. peter May 22, 2017 at 10:52 am - Reply

    got contacted from someone withe her pictures using the Skype account live:breehmsn

    “She” call “herself” Rebecca.

    She says she’s a researcher at WWOOF (, that she is currently in the U.S. and will soon travel to Ghana.
    She sent plenty of pics of her via Skype and I have been stupid enough to send her a few of mine.
    Watch out!

  2. Ray Clifford April 27, 2017 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    How about the name Linda Love..I also have been scammed..I have caught them with the sound on…You can tell it is a scammer group..And all the photos they sent..Wow… Watchout for these liars..

  3. Sean December 3, 2016 at 10:21 am - Reply

    The website meet me and mingle have porn stars that are employed and portray single women looking for love! She currently has in excess of 15 profiles on the site MeetMe and Mingle, she said that her grandmother is in hospital in need of a life saving surgery and PROMISES THAT SHE LOVE YOU and as soon as she finishes schooling she will come and spend her life with me and be my wife! Her other name she gave me is VICTORIA LARTNEY and that she has to scam people so she can get out of the control of her Master and she can’t say who it is but BEGS for help!, then to prove that it is her you are talking to she will give you a phone number in Accra Ghana +233261924457, when you first call no one will answer then someone calls back…..This happened 7 times to me yesterday on December 2 2016. When the lady calls you back she has a Jamaican/British accent , I asked simple questions as I had already figured out that the woman I was texting which went by “FUTURE LADY” was porn star Danielle Delaunay and I watched a video to learn her voice and the voice on the phone did NOT match “Danielle” I asked first what color hair she had …. she said Black, I said wrong Blond the woman on the Phone said she couldn’t hear me that the connect was bad and hung up. I thought the that was it litterally 45 seconds later my phone rang and it was different voice but same number…. the voice said BABY I SO SORRY I NOT UNDERSTAND YOU…I said my hair is gold?….obviously they had to find a picture of her on profile, the voice said “BABY I AM HIDING FROM THE POLICE CUZ YOU SAID YOU WOULD SEND ME THE MONEY, I AM SCARED WHEN WILL YOU SEND THE MONEY” so I asked what is your birthday if this is really you ….she said to a man in the room ” daddy what the birth ,what the birth…she came back on and said March 16 1998, I said WRONG , you were born on May 6 1988… so I told her you know what I know I am REALY REALY stupid and I guess I am just over thinking this….the voice said yes baby it’s ok I love you baby, baby when will you send the money so I can be with you my love, baby I tell you truth I love you baby when you send me the money so I can leave, and be with you my love the police said they give me till today that I pay and I leave and start life with you my love, baby I tell truth I love you baby, you send me the money now.. I said yes I just have 2 more questions , she said ok baby anything for you my love, I said …..what time is it there is Ghana she said k baby one second then she came back and said 18:40… now I know the military time and it’s the 24 hr clock she said it was 6:40 pm when I looked up the current time there and it was1:44am which would be 0144 hrs, she said baby it don’t matter send the money I want to be with you in our bed please baby, so o said ok one more question….the voice said ok baby …are we then done? I said sure the voice said what is you question so I can tell truth to you and you believe me….I said “is your “P***Y” shaved or do you have hair down there?” The voice said hair on my p***y ? I said yes , do you have hair?…. the voice said NO NO NO BABY I SHAVE I DONT LIKE THAT QUESTION!!!!! And I said I have known you are lying and this is not Victoria LARTNEY nor Danielle then they hung up and then I got several more calls a couple from a man saying he was the police and he could take payment on a credit card to release her from jail. I immediately text Danielle “my future” and she text me back!,,.. I found out that the whole site is filled with porn stars pretending to be single ladies looking for love ! Danielle also goes by Mary, Amazing, little toy, lily toy, Albert Vivian Juanalane , Susan, Roselyn, elvinina facet, Grace smith, Beare, Cyril,Caroline37, your future love, and even Danni Elle . This site is a scam PERIOD.

  4. chris australia November 11, 2016 at 4:13 am - Reply

    hi,i have also been chatting to her for 4 yrs also sending her alot of money as she has promised me a life with her and a sports car…I AM DEVESTATED BY THIS….MY LAST CONVERSATION WAS ON 11TH NOV 2016.her phone number was +233556542100 which is in ghana.She uses the name OLIVIA SAFEW…..has sent me alot of photos of her .She also told me that she is on the run from the government and police and is in NKWANTA VILLAGE in hiding,,,,,,,then again she may just be telling me a story,,,so dont know.

  5. chris australia November 11, 2016 at 12:13 am - Reply

    i have spoken to this olivia safew in ghana for 4 first i wasnt sure about all of this scams.she is on the run from the government.and is asking me

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