KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Do You Know This Girl? Danielle Delaunay is an Favorite Of African Scammers

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KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Do You Know This Girl? Danielle Delaunay is an Favorite Of African Scammers

Dating Scammers Choice Award WinnerDo You Know This Girl?

Danielle Delaunay 

Another Scammers Choice Award Winner

Of course you really don’t since these are stolen photos used by African Scammers, but she is popular!  If you see her photo on a dating site – guess what?  She is being used by a Scammer!

Here is a gallery of  

Danielle Delaunay’s

photos we have found:


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27 Comments on "KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Do You Know This Girl? Danielle Delaunay is an Favorite Of African Scammers"

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Her likeness had more than 20 profiles up on Adult Friend Finder. I got connected t her on Skype and spoke for over 3 months. Was to meet in Amsterdam. Obviously it never happened. I have every photo show and a lot more. I know for sure one source is Bremen Germany. Sent letters back and forth. DON’T GET SCAMMED!!!


Someone name Clara Vinny is using Danielle pics on facebook. They live in Africa. They use other names also. Clara Vinny is also on linkedin.


There is someone using Danielle’s pictures on Facebook. He/she is going by Priscilla Boykin. I got a friend request along with a few greeting on the Facebook messenger from them, But didn’t think anything of it but did think the girl in the pics looked familiar. So I thought about it and googled the pics and found out they are Danielle’s. Then I knew it was an imposter or possible scammer.

Charlie B Fox
As Danielle has said: she is tired of being accused of doing the scamming herself. The pictures were stolen from her and she is a victim along with all others. She has said that in a way it is her fault for having all the pictures on the internet but thieves didn’t have to steal them. Danielle may be a favorite because the pictures are there and she is comely but she is also only one of many. And at least one video of her (solo) has been used in a scam operation by Mabel Anlornya using the alas of… Read more »
Met this woman online dating. Told me her name is Elizabeth Anne Brown (34y/o) & that she’s from Newark, New Jersey. Said she’s an only child & both parents past away & left her with inheritance & property estate. Said she finalizing her studies to be a cardio vascular nurse. We’ve kept in touch every now & then till she said her final studies will be in Accra, Ghana in West Africa. That’s when things didn’t make sense. She said that she needed a laptop to complete her analyzing report to send it via satellite back to the medical university… Read more »