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May 2014


Scammers Don’t Seem To Like Red Heads Strangely, African Scammers Don’t Steal Many Red Head Photos We present a new selection of Red Headed Scammers Remember these photos were stolen from real people!  [...]

Scammers By Name: Odd Names

Scammers Use Some Really Odd Names  We present a new selection of Scammers using the strangest names  Remember these photos were stolen from real people!   […]

Nigerian Scammers Setting Up Fake Businesses

Fake Online Businesses To Support Scams In a recent scammer profile for Linda Elloy, we profiled her (his?) various online profiles. One of those profiles was a Manta local business profile for this person. This [...]

GHANA SCAMMER: Karen Young y.karen50@yahoo.com

kayyoung50 GHANA SCAMMER: Karen Young y.karen50@yahoo.com Another Ghana Scammer This one is quite good, writing is reasonable with few mistakes This Ghana Scammer Is: Karen Youngy.karen50@yahoo.comNew York, NY [but really from [...]

Dating Scammer Code Word: Comfort

  We Have Discovered Another African Scammer Code Word: COMFORT A significant number of Ghana & Other Western African Scammers use this code word They use it in their profile names on Dating Websites, as [...]

SCAMMER: A Badoo.com Scammer From California Kentucky

Sarah Crawford Crawfordsarah22@gmail.com – Badoo.com Scammer Another Badoo Scumbag Happy Cinco de Mayo From California, Kentucky No Less! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Sarah Crawford Crawfordsarah22@gmail.com202-681-3910   [Washington D.C. phone number]California, [...]

Honest Scammers

It’s Ironic Scammers Use Words Like Honesty Constantly It’s such a red flag when someone says they are honest!Here’s a gallery of Honest Scammers!   […]

They Just Keep Trying

This is a scam An Arms Race In Scamming It is such a strange thing to think about  We are in an arms race in the technology and approaches to [...]

April 2014

Scammer Gallery: African Beauties – Part 1

Stolen Photos Of African Beauties Or are they real photos of scammers, their girlfriends, or unwitting victims? We present a new selection of Scammer Pictures Remember these photos were stolen from real people!   [...]

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