Confronting Scammers & The Guilt Or Flip Scam

Confronting Scammers & The Guilt Or Flip Scam It Is A Bad Idea To Confront Them When You Catch Them! What Happens When You Confront Your Scammer? A SCARS Guide They Lie Of Course! But It Is Not Wise To Call Them Out On It! We See And Hear This Literally Every Day A victim discovers the scam and confronts the scammer. We tell them not to, but few [...]

SCARS™ Guide: Legal Risks?

SCARS™ Guide: Legal Risks? A Word About Legal Risks - Do Victims Fear Legal Risks?   [lwptoc] LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We Cannot Give You Legal Advice. We Can Only Share Our Opinion The following is an expression of non-legal opinion. You should always consult a licensed attorney regarding all matters of law, their interpretation, and to obtain a proper legal opinion. This article is for purely educational and entertainment purposes and does not represent a legal opinion. [...]

RSN™ Editorial: End The Hate

RSN™ Editorial: End The Hate - - - - - ATTACKING THE INNOCENT - - - - - We have just seen an example of what happens when trolls act on their hatred instead of understanding the issues and real parties responsible. In London, it appears, a man so filled with hate, that he is indistinguishable from the terrorists he hates, engaged in an act of terrorism himself. Our hearts go out to the real [...]