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RSN™ Editorial: End The Hate

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We have just seen an example of what happens when trolls act on their hatred instead of understanding the issues and real parties responsible.

In London, it appears, a man so filled with hate, that he is indistinguishable from the terrorists he hates, engaged in an act of terrorism himself.

Our hearts go out to the real people who were harmed by the attack in London yesterday.

However, we have to be careful even when dealing with scams and scammers. People get hurt and they need and want someone to blame. They want to hurt someone as they have been harmed. Retaliation and revenge are a cancer that grows until it destroys you.

Our company has been wrongly blamed for many things over the last couple of years as well, but in the end, all hatred breeds is craziness and obsession.

Trolls and haters are really no different than scammers. They just want to do what THEY want to do, regardless of who is hurt. And Scam Baiters are just another kind of scammer in our view – if you scam a scammer, it is still a scam.

Recently several anti-scam pages were deleted by Facebook, and several admins added to Facebook’s watch list. We have lost several of our own admins as well over the last year.

We predicted early last year that Facebook would become more strict and start rigidly enforcing their Community Standards in the reporting of scammers. We helped work with SCARS on the development of an Industry Standard for Ethics In Scam Reporting, but very few even bother to follow it.

We have learned and evolved, and hopefully – through becoming a Facebook partner, and our close connection with the U.S.D.o.J. – become a better organization and able to meet the needs of the many better than we could before.

Just remember that hate is its own master. Hate controls YOU, not the other way around. That doesn’t mean we are not vigilant and do all we can to end scamming, but it does mean that ethics are important in what we all do.

Tell us what you think???

RSN Team
Miami, Florida, USA

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