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Many students in Nigerian colleges fiddle with web misrepresentation. Nicknamed “hurray yippee” after the global web-based interface and web search tool, this underhandedness has turned into a lifestyle for the youthful swindlers. A large portion of these fraudsters – named “hurray young men” – have gotten to be ridiculously wealthy.

Some have been gotten by the law. In April 2012, Olasaidi Dare, an undergrad of the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago-Iwoye, was sentenced to five years’ detainment for an endeavor to get cash under misrepresentations in a digital bistro.

On June 5 2012, a Federal High Court in Kaduna State sentenced Imonina Kingsley, of the University of Ilorin, to 20 years’ detainment. He swindled an Australian of US$1,000 by introducing himself as a gay individual from the Republic of Benin. He was charged for pantomime, ownership of deceitful records and endeavoring to acquire cash by falsifications.

These cases verify the unavoidable way of web misrepresentation in Nigerian colleges. My own particular research was directed at Nigeria’s chief University of Ibadan. My point was to decide how this subculture is sorted out among understudies in tertiary establishments. For  this I addressed some of these “yahoo-boy”

Areas of specialization

Web misrepresentation is composed along regions of specialization to make an accomplishment of the degenerate conduct. Fraudsters think about the security system of online exchanges to choose where to pitch their tents. Speedy financial reward is the thing that “yahoo-boy” have at the top of the priority list. They utilize distinctive plans.

Sending false messages to web based dating sites and informal organization locales were accounted for to be generally safe – however high-benefit – regions of specialization.

Third, the “yahoo boys” are likewise enthusiastic about ATM misrepresentation. They may remain at ATM displays to fake help to powerless clients – uneducated people, the old and the physically tested – and later swap cards to swindle them.

The fraudsters do their assaults generally on ends of the week and for the most part outside the state where the record is domiciled. Banks are for the most part non-practical on ends of the week. This implies casualties will be not able request that their banks stop illicit exchanges on their records until Monday morning, when the banks open for business, despite the fact that they get charge alarms throughout the end of the week.


Informal networks and the insider factor

Casual systems are key to the youthful scamsters’ prosperity. These systems spin around banks, security organizations, co-fraudsters and, some of the time, families.

The basic method for gathering extortion cash in Nigeria is through the banks, for the most part through the Western Union cash exchange. Through traded off saving money staff, fraudsters utilize fake personality to get to stores. This is on the grounds  that the fraudster would have utilized an outside name and would not have a perceived personality card in that name. For fruitful execution of misrepresentation, an insider inside the bank is critical: the broker encourages installment without pulling in the consideration of security offices. They likewise get their share of the plunder.

The unsteadiness in the Nigerian keeping money area may have made an uncommitted workforce. Working in a shaky foundation makes specialists helpless. More than 2,000 financiers have lost their occupations because of monetary retreat in the nation. A huge quantities of easygoing specialists are conveyed to man enter positions in the banks. This clears a path for criminal open doors.

Along these lines  the “yahoo-young men” find simple partners in keeping money staff, who are for the most part adolescents  as  calculate for students’ association web misrepresentation.

A fifth-year understudy expressed that the dread of the obscure may have pulled in various understudies to “hurray yippee” instead of sitting tight for after-school unemployment. They see web misrepresentation as an inventive outlet in a nation like Nigeria.

The influence of corruption

Up to this point, web misrepresentation was completed at open bistros. Be that as it may, with standard attacks on these web bistros and the capture of suspected fraudsters by the police, the “yahoo young men” have essentially moved their bases.

Besides, the expansion of web access suppliers in Nigeria has made it significantly less demanding for scamsters  to confer web misrepresentation. It is presently as basic as purchasing modems and surfing the web inside the bounds of their secretly leased lofts on grounds. The “yahoo boy” remain in physical cooperatives of similarly invested people and utilize this system to dispatch web assaults.

They share data on a specific target and find better approaches for making imminent targets respect their double dealing. They can get, share web costs and mutually pay for fuel for generators, which are utilized to control their PCs. They come to class amid the day, and go to social clubs in the nighttimes and to commend  their  victories.

It is nothing unexpected that there is a multiplication of “yippee boy”. The festival of riches, especially among lawmakers, serves to inspire the contribution of the young people in digital wrongdoing. Nigerian culture praises riches without scrutinizing the wellspring of the cash.

So what do these youthful, undergrad Nigerians do under these conditions? They see an initiative that couldn’t care less about their future. What’s more, they utilize their training to take after the case set by their older folks that shows wrongdoing pays.

All the tricks and modus operandi

They are occurring huge young men nearby – the ones who utilize the most recent telephones, be it the Apple iPhone 6S or the later Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; they drive smooth autos, wear stylish and costly garments, have the young ladies to themselves  with cash to toss around and are the cynosure of everyone’s eyes – they are web fraudsters, however famously called Yahoo Boys.

What’s more, with only a portable PC, cell phones, streak drives, outside hard drives, printers etc, they make megabucks web based, utilizing different traps and strategies to cheat clueless or all the more as of late mesmerized casualties, generally nonnatives, of their cash.

Digital extortion, referred to in the city as Yahoo hurray, is a criminal demonstration which started in the right on time to mid 2000s and has developed to wind up so across the board that it has for all intents and purposes turn into the standard. To such an extent that you must be a yahoo kid (hone the criminal demonstration) to be viewed as one of the enormous folks.

As of late, the unlawful business has gotten ugly with a malicious and obsession bend.

As more nonnatives succumbed to the fraudsters’ traps and the familiarity with their exercises spread in remote grounds, it got to be troublesome, close outlandish, for the consistent strategies to yield profits.

To utilize a more appropriate term, the outsiders wisened up, and were no longer purchasing their made up stories.

Some famous traps they utilize incorporate free-form. Free-form is the go-to trap for one thing. Furthermore, the most straightforward, as well. One should simply make a record in any of the well known web based dating sites and search for somebody (generally forlorn, separated or sorrowful and accordingly looking for affection) who begins to look all starry eyed at the Yahoo kid; with time he or she begins paying by sending cash to deal with bills (clinic, school, and so on).

Another prominent one is over installment. In this technique, the Yahoo kid sign on to any of the prominent web grouped locales as a planned purchaser, he then offers the individual the dealer check as method of installment. For this situation, the Yahoo Boys have a method for inducing the dealer to send the overabundance subsequent to issuing an over installment check.

For instance, a Yahoo kid could purchase merchandise worth $1000 and issue a check of $5000. What he is occupied with is not the merchandise he guaranteed but rather the abundance cash that will be sent to him.

Come and Carry or closest relative is another. The basic utilized technique as a part of this trap is the trickster cases to be a financier and he tells his casualty that an enormous whole of cash was left in his care by a late agent and is hanging in his bank. From that point, the con artist tells the casualties that he will require some specific measure of cash to get the important records to assert the cash.

What is Yahoo plus and how it works

Just like the case with any business, the specialists did a reversal to their planning phases and restrategised to guarantee the business doesn’t fail out. What they thought of is somewhat challenging, they call it Yahoo in addition to.

Hurray Plus, compactly, is cash custom. It is a propelled type of the more conventional Yahoo, which includes performing different customs to light up the yahoo kid’s odds of getting his casualties spellbound. In Yahoo in addition, the yahoo young men utilize malevolent intends to spellbind casualties into surrendering their money, as against the previous strategies for playing traps.

As per a source our journalist talked with, the Yahoo boy go to similarly as neighboring Benin Republic, Ijebu-Igbo (Ogun) and Ibadan (Oyo) to counsel fixation ministers who demands  them to give particulars of the potential casualty which they then use to get ready charms for the Yahoo boy and scar them with different entry points on their fingers to utilize.

They could be given rings which they are to wear on their fingers while visiting with the casualty or cleansers to bathe with before speaking with the rich potential casualty, called maga in their circle.

“Some are more obsession than simply ring or cleanser however,” the source proceeded with, “it relies on upon how enormous you need to be. They could be requested that perform ceremonies at a graveyard or waterway.”

Not at all like in the times of the not all that lucrative Yahoo, Yahoo in addition to specialists “don’t squander time fabricating a profound association with the maga, they simply go straight and approach them for cash when they are certain the individual is rich. What’s more, since the maga is as of now entranced and subjected affected by his appeal, he’ll pay”, the source likewise uncovered.

On why the Yahoo boy  go to similarly as Benin Republic and different states outside Lagos to counsel mystics who play out the customs, the source said “they question the Lagos-based ones as there are numerous quacks and fakers among them”.

What the law says about cyber fraud

The penalty for the offence

The Advanced Fee Fraud and other Fraud Related Offenses Act 2006 bandits digital trick and its preferences, and endorses the punishment for the offenses…

Section 1 of the Act states, among different arrangements

  1. Notwithstanding anything contained in whatever other establishment or law, any individual who by any falsification, and with expectation to dupe
    1. Gets, from some other individual, in Nigeria or in some other nation for himself or some other individual;
    2. Instigates some other individual, in Nigeria or in whatever other nation, to convey to any individual; or
    3. Obtains any property, regardless of whether the property is gotten or its conveyance is prompted through the medium of an agreement incited by the affectation… submits an offense under this Act.
  2. A man, who by affectation, and with the goal to dupe, prompts some other individual, in Nigeria or in some other nation, to present an advantage on him or on whatever other individual by doing or allowing a thing to be done on the understanding that the advantage has been or will be paid for confers an offense under this Act.
  3. A man who submits an offense under subsection (1) or (2) of this area is obligated on conviction to detainment for a term of not over 20 years and at the very least seven years without the alternative of a fine.”


Similarly as specialists have restorative language, and attorneys  lawful terms, Yahoo boys have their slang; and they include:

Wire: Wire is a term used to portray a sort of assets exchange.

Here, the Yahoo boy hacks into a record containing colossal totals, then searches for an outsider’s record that can deal with such sum; he convinces the nonnative to help in accepting the cash in his or her record for a cut. They then wire the cash into the abroad financial balance, the individual pulls back and sends it back in the wake of expelling the concurred rate through any of the cash exchange organizations (Western Union or Moneygram).

In spite of the fact that the extortion exchange will be identified few days after, the Yahoo boy  would have gotten his share of the exchanged cash by then.

Control: Control is got from Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and is a one of a kind 10-digit reference number appointed to each cash exchange.

The recipient (the Yahoo kid for this situation) would require this following number when they get cash at an operator area of the assets exchange equip.

Format: Format is basically the kind of traps the Yahoo boy plays on his maga.
A discussion between two Yahoo boy  could go hence, “which arrangement would you say you are utilizing for that maga? The other hurray kid then could then say, I’m utilizing talking.

Chatting (or dating): As the name recommends, talking is a strategy for fleecing a maga. The Yahoo boy acts like an extremely wonderful woman on a dating site with a desolate or single relationship status, which for the most part draws in the guys, who might send them messages and they visit on from that point.