SCARS™ Guide: Legal Risks?

SCARS™ Guide: Legal Risks? A Word About Legal Risks - Do Victims Fear Legal Risks?   [lwptoc] LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We Cannot Give You Legal Advice. We Can Only Share Our Opinion The following is an expression of non-legal opinion. You should always consult a licensed attorney regarding all matters of law, their interpretation, and to obtain a proper legal opinion. This article is for purely educational and entertainment purposes and does not represent a legal opinion. [...]

SCARS™ Insight: Receiving Gifts From Scammers

SCARS™ Insight: Receiving Gifts From Scammers Have You Ever Been Asked By A Scammer For Your Address To Send You A Gift? A VICTIM RECENTLY ASKED: " I have a question to the group. What can it mean if a scammer wants to send me a Christmas surprise? I know that his passport is a fake and he asked for money, but I refused. What I have to expect if he is sending me a [...]