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SCARS|RSN™ SCAM NEWS: Scammers Change And Adapt

A New Variation On Money Mules – Receiving Cash!

$21K In Cash Sent To Richmond Address As Part Of Scam.

In two days, Richmond Virginia police recovered more than $21,000 in money related to a scam.

$21,000 in cash sent to a money mule

$21,000 in cash sent to a money mule

Two women, one from Michigan and another from Pennsylvania, sent a total of $21,300 to a Richmond address believing it would get a loved one out of jail.

Richmond police said the scam targeted elderly people under the auspices of them paying bond money. One of the women sent $11,500 to the address.

Police said all the money was recovered and shared photos of several stacks of cash on social media.

Why Does This Matter?

Because This Is A Change In Scamming Behavior!

Victims are being asked to send cash instead of performing money transfers.

The recipient can be a mule or a staged scammer in-country. Either way, the money can then be wired on to the scammer’s origin.

This is not something that has been seen much in the past. It speaks to the confidence of the scammer’s organizations spreading into the United States – either with their mules or placed accomplices.

Be especially watchful for anyone that withdraws large amounts of cash – fortunately, most states have laws that notify local police to large amounts, plus anything over $9,999.00 automatically triggers an IRS investigation. But victims tend not to always tell the truth when in the middle of a scam. So each of us must also be watchful of our friends and family as well.



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