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Today is May Day

A day to celebrate workers around the world, but also the international call for help!


Just remember this …

Scammers seek only one thing. It is not money, it is not sex. It is not expensive cars or jewelry. It is not property or wealth – those are just incidentals.


Power over their situation. Power over other people (victims). Power in their society. They get drunk on their power!

Power is not complicated.

Power does what it has to do to gain it. To gain more of it. Always more of it.

There is never enough power for those that seek it.

The seeking of power has no altruistic mission behind it. You can see that in anyone that just seeks power – they rarely do any good, they just seek more of it.

In this way, scammers are no different than certain politicians.

In The End, Power Only Results In Evil. Power Corrupts!

Think about that next time you support a politician.

In the end, power only leaves victims unless it is not the goal and instead is only a tool. But few can wield power without being corrupted by it. You have to be willing to acknowledge power for what it is and call out those that are only interested in power.

To use power you have to be willing to walk away from it. And in the end actually, do that.

Unfortunately, most people are attracted to power. Scammers. Politicians. and those who vote for the power-mad.

Power Is Never Taken, It Is Willingly Given!

Each person here gave scammers their power. Many are afraid to try to take it back. It has always been that way.

But there are a few that recognize power for what it is and fight against it without being corrupted by it.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if those people also only seek power. In the end, we know who is who by their deeds.

Even Pure Evil Can Do Some Good To Hide Its True Intentions!

Hate blinds those that need vision most. Fear blinds also. Wishful thinking blinds even more.

To recognize evil and those that just seek power, you need to be able to see clearly.

Remember that today on May 1.

Incidental good can still come from evil. Scammers support their families. Serial killers pay their taxes. Power mad politicians do sometimes pass laws that make it harder for some evil. Scam haters put out some useful information.

But In End Power Corrupts Everything If It Is Allowed To Do It.

Only good can stop power. Only good can stop evil.

Only use power if absolutely necessary but never seek it.


Happy May Day

Dr. Tim McGuinness
Chairman & Founder
SCARS – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Miami Florida U.S.A.





SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


A SCARS Division
Miami Florida U.S.A.






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