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SCARS™ Scam News: More Nigerian Arrested Throwing Away Money!

Suspected Nigerian Yahoo Boys Were Arrested As They Threw Money To Students In A Secondary School In .

Suspected yahoo boys arrested as they sprayed money in secondary school in Nigeria's Delta State

Suspected yahoo boys arrested as they sprayed money in a secondary school in Nigeria’s Delta State

Nigerian Yahoo Boys were arrested in Hussey College Warri, in Nigeria’s Delta State. After they invaded the school to spread money creating chaos as students rushed to pick it up.

Other students reported the disturbance the principal and of the strange acts going on by the Yahoo Boys – who called the local police from B Division police station and ordered the security man at the gate to lock the gate till the police arrive.

When the police arrived they ask the boys to pick the money and they refused. On asking why they refused to pick the money they said it’s because it was giving to them by a man who asked them to share it with students.

This was determined to be false and that they were doing it to recruit future scammers from the high school.

They were arrested by the local police and detain