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SCARS Special Report & Scam Warning: New Fake Bank Scam

We all know that scammers are inventive and resourceful. They will create the most amazing stories to lure in unsuspecting victims.

However, a new Zero-Day Scam wins the award for the most audacious. Scammers invented a Fake Bank called SkyNet

Yes You Read That Right – SkyNet

Here Is The Message That We Received From A Victim Caught Up In This Scam:

I’m not sure about this one. Everything This lady told me appears to be true. She Is currently working under strict security at the North Bay Norad site, Ontario, Canada. And is a Consultant Chef, in charge of all Senior officers meals.

She recently lost a phone while pleasure boating, overboard. She claimed to have a corporate bank account with Skynet???? I don’t know how but I have looked into her account and it appears to be very healthy. I have checked with so many Banks to ask if this is a legitimate Bank but all I was told to check the bank myself, phone them. (Yeah right phone what is thought to be a dodgy Bank and ask them if they are real) DER. Thanks for that SANTANDER UK.

Anyway I have all her details of the account and she has told me to withdraw enough cash to see me through the months of November until she can get leave in December. She also wanted me to buy her a phone and laptop with the money and a present for her of my own choice.

I have asked Friends online from Canada to ask if they had heard of this Bank. Some say no, Most say they have. I feel sick inside as she is a beautiful woman, and I have fallen deeply in love with her.

She has a friend on the base that is on Facebook, we did become good friends. This woman is supposed to be a Capt. She always let me know how my love was doing, if she had been upset or crying over a little tif we may have had.

Most about her not being real, as I found on Facebook a page with all my lovers details on except a date of birth and an older phone number. Plus It had a photo of her, I reported it and since it has disappeared.

This what I thought was a fake FB page, but still got in touch. Well this is where the story really lit up lights for me. She (my lovers double) Told me she was somewhere in South America, I’m not giving precise details as maybe against the law. Anyway she claims to be where she is, in hiding. As she was found in a hotel room with a dead person next to her. And claims she was drugged up and planted there by an ex boyfriend. The ex wants her dead apparently so that he can claim her money. It all sounded very convincing to me, but I told my lover what went on, but thinking she could be fake as well, never told her the whole story.

My lover told me that she had an affair which went on for some time, She had brought this guy a Mobile home for his birthday, and gave him several thousand dollars to help with gambling addiction. Any way he got posted to the middle east and she found out another woman was pregnant by him. Yes he was a soldier too.

The brunt of this story is that I just don’t know what to believe, is she fake, is the bank fake. Whatever our relationship is over because I truly thought she was a fake. As all family and friends have told me to steer clear.

Another thing I tried looking into myself was, Is North Bay Norad Operational still I have been told it’s been empty for years.

Our Response To His Message:

1) The idea of a contractor working on a military base if not unreasonable. But she needs you to buy a phone with her money? Amazon works just fine, plus a zillion other ecommerce companies, plus she would need to buy it from a phone company or at least have you buy it form her phone company to make sure it was compatible or to transfer her account to the new phone.

2) Yes NORAD has scaled back their one the group radar and listening stations since almost everything is now surveilled by satellite. But scammers never do a complete job of researching their stories because they know most victims will not check.

3) This is the great part and us truly scary. These scammers invented their own bank. NO ONE in North America would start a bank called SKYNET – we already think banks are plotting to destroy us, but with the brand from the Terminator movies? Really? No way. But the good news is that we looked at the website and it is a true fake. Plus we have a 2018 directory of ALL banks in Canada. Everything is available if you look for it. So this is as bogus as a kangaroo in Nigeria.

This Is A Far More Serious Fraud That It Might Appear At First Glance

It represents a significant escalation in the scammer arms race. This victim said he was able to actually see a page that looked like an account ledger. Most victims would have no clue how to tell the difference.

However, the disturbing aspect of this is what real person gives a stranger access to their online banking? What victim would expect or accept that this is normal?

It does not sound like this victim lost more than their time, but it should how careful you have to be constantly online!

Here Are The Details About The So-Called Bank:

Skynet Corporate Bank - Fake Bank Website

Skynet Corporate Bank
2 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M4W 3E2, Canada.

Phone: (902) 620-0000   [phone number is Nova Scotia NOT Ontario]

Email: support@skynetcorporatebanking.com

Fake website link: https://www.skynetcorporatebanking.com

[It claims it is protected by the U.S. FDIC – but it is a Canadian Bank – supposedly]

About our company

We combines the skills of retail and corporate banking to support and finance our clients’ day to day aspirations

We offers a range of retail and SME banking, corporate banking, treasury, trade services and financial advisory to our ever-expanding clients. We have underwent a strategic repositioning exercise which culminated in a decision to operate as a commercial Bank with regional authorization across the globe. In 2011 Skynet was was granted a national banking license by the World Bank. We have over the years, diligently offered a fully-fledged range of value-adding banking and financial advisory services to corporate individuals across the globe.

Our Brand is driven by a desire to develop an intimate relationship with our customers, putting us in a position to identify their needs and priorities. We reinforces our key differentiating factor which is Responsiveness. This is the single concept which drives the understanding of what we do, who we are and how we go about our business. It is the one word that best personifies the behavior, products and services of our Bank.

[Treasury is a term U.S. Banks use]

[Clearly taken from a real bank but then they could not help themselves – they had to edit it with a dose of Scammer Grammar – highlighed in blue]

[The missteps are always there if you look – this one has many more but these are the highlights.

The Domain Name Is Registered In Panama!

Registrant Contact Name: WhoisGuard Protected
Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
City: Panama
State: Panama
Country: PA  [PA is actually the abriviation of Pennsylvania not Panama]
Phone: +507.8365503 [a Panama phone number]
Fax: +51.17057182 [a Peruvian phone number]
Email: @whoisguard.com [incomplete email address]

Does this sound like a real Canadian Bank?

They Event Have A Customer Service Chat Line [With No One There!]

SkyNet Chatbot - Neven Had Anyone Answer Us

SkyNet Chatbot – Neven Had Anyone Answer Us

– – – – – –

The Proof:

We Have Captured Their Home Page

[note that most other pages revert to the home page but see below for more]

Hover Over The PDF To View Controls – Use Up/Down Arrows To View Pages



Here Is The List Of All Current Canadian Banks For Everyone To Check:

Hover Over The PDF To View Controls – Use Up/Down Arrows To View Pages

The latest version can be viewed here: https://www.payments.ca/sites/default/files/06-Dec-18/mbrbnksn.pdf

Additional Website Pages Can Be Viewed Here:

Suffice to say this is new and seriously dangerous for victims that do not take any time to verify. Sadly that is more victims.

Why Does All Of This Matter If You Do Not Live In Canada?

Because this represents a different and potentially far more disturbing trend. It is not hard to build fake websites, and while this one is a joke, they can craft a very professional website next time! It is coming down to the simple fact that you have to be on guard always. More importantly, you have to learn new skills to keep yourself safe – you can’t expect someone else to save you!

Let Us Hope That When You See This Scam You Are Forewarned!


SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


A SCARS Division
Miami Florida U.S.A.





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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

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Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

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