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SCARS™ Scam News: Ghanaian Gang Of Romance Scammers Arrested This Week [VIDEO]

According to the SCARS Member “Scammer Shark” :

“White lady gets Ghanaian fraud boy arrested after scamming her years ago

A Ghanaian fraud boy succeeded in defrauding a white lady online so many years ago. As usual, after extorting the money, he cut ties with the lady.
The guy’s name has been identified as Solomon Attah.
So the lady with another White guy who appears to be her new boyfriend/husband did all they could to track Solomon and his boys down. From the video, one can see that they contacted the Criminal Investigation Department down here in Ghana.

Solomon and his crew attempted to bolt after realising that their cup was full…but the Police were quick enough to capture them. They were handcuffed and paraded them to the Police station.
The white guy demanded that he pays part or the full amount of money they extorted. Solomon said he’s ready to do that. There was a car packed in the compound which he could be heard saying that he’ll sell for 10,000 Euros—that’ll cover half of the amount.”

This is why it is so important to report all scammers, especially into the SCARS|CDN Cybercriminal Data Network here on this website or on The data is never throw away and can be used well into the future to track down scammers.