SCARS™ Insight: Knowledge Matters To Scam Victims

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2022)

SCARS™ Insight: Knowledge Matters To Scam Victims

Why Is Knowledge And Education So Important For Romance Scam Victims?

One of the main reasons you were scammed was ignorance about the real risks online. Not only ignorance of the risks, but also a lack of general awareness about the trends that affect your life online.

A big part of the recovery process is regaining control of your own life and being able to evaluate the risks that surround you. But to be able to do that you need knowledge and awareness

Learning what really happened to you will allow you to see that there is no shame in what happened to you. You were dealing with a trillion-dollar industry that is expert in manipulating victims. Your adversary was simply better prepared, but you can learn to avoid future scams and help guide all of your friends and family about online safety.

Education And Recovery Go Hand In Hand!

Education is a powerful force for anyone going through recovery. Learning more about the world improves your quality of life, but it also helps keep you grounded in reality and the moment.

Learning about scams is essential to your recovery, but also learning new things or even going for a degree can help you get a better job, earn more income, and increase your sense of self-worth.

For any victim in recovery, these are all important factors.

Education can help you learn about your crime, about yourself and your choices, and can occupy your mind and take the place of thoughts about your scam. Embrace learning and education to strengthen your recovery and your resolve to resist ever being a victim again.

Your education begins as you work through your SCARS recovery process.

If you are getting professional help from a therapist, counselor, or other specialist or a team of experts at a facility, you are already learning about your own mind and the things that created the foundation for the scam and the dependency that followed. You are also learning about yourself and your motivations. Real experts can help you investigate your choices and examine your past to help you learn how the scam has been at work in your life. This personal education can be a powerful way to help you heal.

WARNING: There are thousands of fake and amateur instant experts out there that will lead you astray from real recovery. Make sure that you are only learning from a credible source, such as SCARS (which is a crime victims’ assistance provider) or a licensed mental healthcare professional.

As you go through recovery you should also learn about the psychology of scams » and the related addiction from an external perspective. Read up on how the psychology of scams work, how the scam has affected your brain and body, and how other recovering victims have coped and been successful in recovery. This knowledge is power and will only strengthen your ability to recover and stay safe online in the future.

How Can Education Help Me After Recovery?

Education can also help you stay safe and scam-free after you have completed your recovery. Recovery should be a time for intense self-learning and for devoting yourself to learning about how this happened and the role it has played in your life. Once you are firmly in recovery, education can help you stay that way. One of the most powerful tools to help you avoid becoming scammed again is finding something, or many things, to replace your habit – the habit of talking to and accepting total strangers online into your life. Some people turn to religion, others devote themselves to exercise, while some develop new hobbies or are focused on work. All are useful in helping to fill the void the scam relationship left

You can use any healthful activity to replace your fake relationship, but one of the best is education.

Pick up wherever you left off.

If this means going back to high school, enroll in an adult education program or work toward your high school equivalency diploma. If you never made it to college, search for programs that meet your needs. There many choices. Start out at a community college to take a couple of introductory courses online, or apply to a university and start working toward a degree. If you have a career in mind, look for programs and schools that will help you achieve your goals. Remember, online learning is much less expensive and far more flexible.

By focusing attention on education and learning, there’s less room for thoughts about what happened and surprisingly more room for thoughts about your future.

Education can’t solve all of your problems, but it can be a powerful way to help you improve yourself, enhance your life, and recover from the disaster of your romance scam.


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