SCARS|RSN COMMENTARY: The Truth About SCARS & What Haters Say

It is a new year and it is time for some hard truths and reflection as the year begins.

One of the things we are told over and over is how certain anti-scam hate groups, well … HATE US

Over the years we wondered why that was. We are fighting the good fight. We are helping thousands through our victims’ assistance efforts. We educate and transfer knowledge. We are real advocates that are not in anyone’s pockets (especially Facebook’s).

Yet we are hated by some of these “groups”

Well, it turns out that we are only hated by people that we applied our ethical standards and code of conduct to. In other words, we hold the line on ethical behavior in the face of cybercrime and that upsets some people.

We ask that our employees, volunteers, affiliates, representatives, and members behave in ethical and honest ways, and when we have caught people not behaving in this way we address it.

In some cases, the violations were significant and we revoked the membership and banned some of them. And from that point on the hate set in.

Of course, these folks also have created “groups” (but in reality it is almost always one or two people that run them – regardless of how many admins they claim). They have no applicable experience and are doing little more than scamming the people that flock to them by their claims of experience and knowledge.

They use their groups to make sure the victims who have come to them for help are turned away from professionals. This sadly lengthens the time it takes them to recover, and they will learn little more than urban legends and fake news from these so-called groups.

This is what so many anti-scam groups do on Facebook and elsewhere, especially those that just believe in posting endless scammer photos and scambaiting. Wasting their time looking at endless fake faces reinforcing the trauma instead of focusing on recovery and healing.

Regardless, SCARS is different and completely transparent in what we follow and expect from our members. This is for the benefit and safety of our members and all victims. The fact that the haters hate us for it means we are acting to police this activity for the benefit of all.

You may very well have heard from these anti-scam hate groups about how we did this or did that. Just remember, you were scammed once and believed the fairy tales you were told.

Either way, in 2019, like the four years before SCARS will continue to set the bar very high, and not everyone has the integrity to meet our standards, but that is how it should be.

If you want to learn what SCARS stands for just visit our website and look at our Code of Conduct, the NOVA standard, and the standard for Ethical Reporting of Scammers. If you agree with these, then we are the organization for you. If you don’t, then that is ok too – we simply cannot accept you as a member.

This is what ethics is all about. Holding the line in the face of easy morality – after all isn’t that what scammers do?

We Aspire To Be More Than That. We Hope You Do Too!

We hope you can see the difference that a real professional nonprofit corporation makes. If you can then you should join SCARS (it’s free), and if you can’t then take what we offer and we will wish you the best – no strings attached.

Just remember, those that preach hate are broken themselves. There is little that you can learn when being fed a diet of hate! Regardless of who they hate!

We hope this makes sense to you.

With that having been said, we wish you all a happy New Year!

SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


A SCARS Division
Miami Florida U.S.A.


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