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Scammer Website Steals From SCARS!

ScammersOff & Affiliated Websites Are Suspected To Be Run By Scammers As Well

A SCARS Statement


SCARS  spends vast amounts of time and energy to create reliable and authoritative information for scam victims and those looking to avoid scams. This comes at considerable cost in time and labor. Our original content is SCARS copyright, and all third-party content is copyright by their authors. We publish our own original content or third-party content consistent with international copyrights. SCARS defends our copyrights and that of the third-parties that entrust us.

The following is an example of scammers in Italy that had – at one point – copied nearly our entire website claiming it as their own. Fortunately, that was removed, but there still remain some residual elements that were stolen. It is fairly obvious that these people are not credible subject matter experts, and we do believe them to be actual or affiliated with Nigerian scammers, who have set up shop in Italy.

Scammer Website Steals From Us!

We saw that a website called ScammersOff.com had undergone a massive transformation.

In the process of that transformation, they stole a large number of pages from our website!

This occurred in 2015 & 2016 – but some items that we have not yet had removed remain.

It was clear to us that the purpose of the new version of the website was to interfere with anti-scammer websites (such as ours), by harming our Google Index Ranking, and to pull in as many victims as possible.  Unfortunately, they are not adding any new scammer information.

They included our pages, and content from other anti-scam websites, with minimal modifications.  However, the overall effect was very little useful information.  In fact, the language used and the design-led us to the conclusion that this was both unlawful because of the criminal copyright violation, and may even be a “honey pot” to lure victims.

We had the site removed by the hosting company for violation of their terms and conditions (namely copyright theft), and we have filed charges against the site operator in the U.S. – the site operator is listed as in Italy.  Unfortunately, it popped up again under the same domain name, but now hosted by Google as a “Blogger” website (under ScammersOff.blogspot.com) as well as scammersoff.com

We are continuing to fight the battle to have it removed.

Thank you to our visitors who reported their new version – still with exact copies of our content.

Here is the name and contact information of the copyright thief/scammers:

Name: Anghelus Cristinel
Email: atum101@gmail.com
Alternate Email: automaticbacklink1@gmail.com
Tel: +39 349 3184805
Address: Squero 59, PD, Italy

More Information From Other Sources


  • Ana Brindusa Anghelus
  • Anghelus Cristinel
  • Mihaela Draniceru
  • Atum101
  • Atum1974
  • theft-scam-fraud
  • scammersoff
  • theftit
  • fraudswatch

Scammer Email Addresses:

  • 4buildwebs@gmail.com
  • anabrenda1977@gmail.com
  • anghe101@yahoo.it
  • atum101@gmail.com
  • atum1974@gmail.com
  • automaticbacklink1@gmail.com
  • contact@fraudswatch.com
  • contact@nillegal.com
  • contact@scammersoff.com
  • frauds@alice.it
  • makemoneyfreehome@gmail.com
  • makemoneyfree4home@gmail.com

Other Suspected Websites & Social Media:

  • www.facebook.com/fraudswatchcom
  • www.flickr.com/people/marketingseotools
  • www.pinterest.com/howwork
  • www.pinterest.com/4buildwebsite
  • www.twitter.com/fraud_cf
  • www.fraudon.com
  • www.fraudswatch.com
  • fraudswatch.wordpress.com
  • www.how-work.com
  • www.scammersoff.com
  • www.scamguard.tk
  • www.facebook.com/fraudoff

UPDATE: March 2017

Criminal Complaints Filled

In 2017 criminal complaints were filed against the named person and fake organization with:

  • US FBI
  • US FTC
  • State of Florida State Police
  • Italian National Police
  • Europol

These criminal complaints are pending in all cases and are subject to arrest.

UPDATE: Jun 2021

The websites in question still have some of our copyrighted content stolen from SCARS and continue to lure in new victims looking for information.

Unfortunately, Facebook has refused to take any action, and without an extensive international lawsuit, we have to simply be patient and wait until their websites disappear on their own. However, we continue to press for the ISPs and hosting providers to remove our content wherever it appears.

Always Report All Scams – Anywhere In The World To:

Go to reporting.AgainstScams.org to learn how

U.S. FTC at https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/?orgcode=SCARS and SCARS at www.Anyscams.com
Visit reporting.AgainstScams.org to learn more!

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