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Many of you have been subject to .

Many are still afraid.

Just remember that – first, last, and everything in between.

They lie about everything, even when you think they are confessing, it is a lie, designed to weaken you and make you feel sorry for them as they steal their money!


Look at them as what they are – they are Liars.


Scammers don’t want to hurt anyone. Oh, don’t mistake intent with opportunity. They would, and many in fact have killed – they are gangsters after all, and either run or work in criminal enterprises. If you were in Ghana or Nigeria, they would use violence, real violence. But you are not there.

They simply weight the risk and reward.

There is no reward in sending someone to harm victims. And the risk is very high. They don’t have to do anything, the threat is what they use because they can, and you let them.


They only have power over you if you let them have power.

The distances are sufficient that they have no way to harm you, and they have no time because they have to focus on the next victim.

It is important to always contact your local police whenever you get a scammer’s threat because they need to understand the way scammers are working, but as they will tell you – the risk is nothing at all unless you believe them.

We had someone that believed their threats and took her life. She was not at risk, but she believed she was (Boyati Miskun – but you have support and understanding here. All you have to do is use it and the scammer has no power over you.


RSN Team
Miami Florida USA