Never be afraid of offending someone or being judgmental!

These are survival traits

One of the reasons that people become victims is their fear of offending. Being afraid to slam the door in someone’s face. Or being afraid to ask difficult questions.

Being judgmental is the difference between Little Red Riding Hood being eaten by the wolf or not.

We both judge our friends and families, and we accept them, it’s just part of being human. Judging is our way to deciding risk in ourselves and others. Voicing our judgments can cause offense, but keeping it in is also not helpful for the person you might be able to help.

After all, a person that never wants to offend will calmly stand on the sidewalk and watch you walk in front of a bus! If you are not judging someone, you have nothing invested in them.

If you encounter a potential victim on a fake profile, are you going to warn them, or stay silent? Which is the greater good? Which is the greater harm? What if that person could have been saved just by a word or two, but you didn’t want to offend someone? Imagine that was you on that fake profile, would you have appreciated it if someone had the courage to tell you before it was too late?

You are here because of a failure of decisionmaking. But that was based upon your failure to judge another person, and probably your fear of offending them in the process. You are here to fix something about yourself. We suggest that you are not enough judgmental for your own good!

Kick yourself in the backside, and turn up your critical thinking. Start judging – you have our permission. If you go to far, we’ll let you know (you will see the baseball bat), otherwise become wise and look at the world as it is not as you fantasize it to be.


If you have fantasy art in your timeline and photo gallery, you are a target for scammers. Those are what we call “Scammer Magnets” because you are advertising to the world your inner fantasy life. Just saying!