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SCARS™ Scammer Urban Legends: Chapter 5 – Scammer Threats & Blackmail

SCARS™ Scammer Urban Legends: Chapter 5 - Scammer Threats & Blackmail Scammer Threats & Blackmail Are Real - They Are Coming To Get You? Originally published January 2018, Updated September 2018 CHAPTER FIVE: The Threats Scammers Make Scammer Threats And Blackmail - Are they real? After you have been scammed, a multitude of feelings are going through you after you hear their threats. Shock, Anger, Denial, Confusion, Fear, And Paralysis! You have discovered that someone you [...]

Scammer Threats

Being Threatened By Scammers Many of you have been subject to threats from scammers. Many are still afraid. Just remember that scammers are liars - first, last, and everything in between. They lie about everything, even when you think they are confessing, it is a lie, designed to weaken you and make you feel sorry for them as they steal their money! BE JUDGMENTAL Look at them as what they are - they are Liars. [...]


HOW WE PROVIDE SUPPORT PHONE SUPPORT Please be advised that Romance Scams Now does not provide phone based support. Our business phones are for that purpose only. We provide support by email, via Facebook, and our website. But with nearly a thousand contacts a day, our staffing level does not allow us to provide phone support also and we make that clear. We are sorry, but unfortunately we can not return calls. DO CONTACT US [...]