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To begin your recovery you have to admit that you were powerless against the scam and scammer – that your life had become unmanageable.

This is the first essential step to starting your recovery process.

We believe that many individuals can overcome scams on their own with this program, or similar programs. You are able to exercise willpower and personal strength that can help you and prevent becoming a victim again. Though, you will be called upon to connect with others in your recovery.

However, if you feel depressed or suicidal you should seek professional support immediately.

Step 1

Is About Letting Go And Being Honest With Yourself

You have to honestly admit you have a problem – you were scammed – and begin to seek out help.

It isn’t easy, but admitting powerlessness allows you to break the cycle of dependency that you’ve been stuck in. We believe that admitting you could not control your dependency on the scam is a necessary first step on the path to recovery.

What Do You Need To Do?

You must accept that something is wrong in your life and that you no longer have control. You must admit that the scam defeated you before you are able to move on.

You must embrace the truth that you fell for the scam completely and want to make an honest change in your life.

You must understand that while the scammer took full advantage of you, you willingly let them in and accepted their story. That you did this because you needed and wanted this. That you willingly ignored your common sense, and possibly the advice of those that know and care for you.

Understand that recovery is challenging, difficult, even painful, and acknowledge to yourself that you need help.

Once you can admit this, you must understand that you are at a point of extreme vulnerability. No one can do this on there own, or at least should not try. You should seek people that you can talk to about this immediately. That can be one of our support groups (click here for our Facebook Group) or health professionals for counseling. Maybe it can be family or friends. But regardless, do not try to struggle alone, because you simply do not have to.

Admitting that you were powerlessness is a crucial step on the path to freeing yourself from the scam and regaining your emotional strength. It takes real honesty and courage to accept that the scam has taken over your life.

You will have to hit rock bottom before you’re ready to get help. Are you there? Are you ready to let go of the scam for now and focus on yourself?

It takes a major realization in your life to open your eyes to your dependency or addiction or developing addiction to the scam. Usually, it is the realization that you were scammed, and the horror that comes with that. It is the realization that you screwed up, and that you are causing yourself more pain than the pain you aimed to escape from.


Now you have to think about others too!

This is the point where you have to report the scammer to us, so you can begin to recover. If you do not report the scam and the scammer, you are making a decision to protect the scammer and allow others to become his victim. If you send the scammer money, you must also report them to the police. This is your obligation and duty as an adult and a free citizen.

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