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SCARS™ Guide: How To Spot Fake U.S. Passports [UPDATED]

Scammers Have Always Made Up Fake Documents, But With A Careful Eye, You Can Always Spot Them For What They Are!

Here is a real U.S. Passport for you to see how it should look:

Michelle Obama U.S. Passport

Michelle Obama U.S. Passport

Notice the following things:

  • Photo has a portion that is transparent
  • USA logo overlaps photo and can see the photo background under it
  • Note that the photo in this case would not be legal because it has to show an ear
  • All typed text is same font and same size, and aligns
  • Typed text is a compress sanserif font – black in color
  • Signature name matches typed name
  • Everything in the passport is the same sharpness

Here is our RSN How To Guide To Identify Fakes