SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Irish Model And Former DWTS Contestant Alannah Beirne Scammed


Model And Former DWTS Contestant Alannah Beirne Reveals How She Moved To Dubai After Being Duped By A Conman

She was hoping to start her own business

Irish Model Alannah Beirne Scammed

Irish Model Alannah Beirne Scammed

Irish model and former Dancing With The Stars contestant Alannah Beirne has revealed how she was duped by a conman.

Kildare native Alannah entrusted the man with a sum of money which he promised to invest for her to help start up her own business.

The 25-year-old was initially supposed to meet the man in LA but he then told her he was flying to Dubai and asked her to meet him there.

However, it soon transpired that the man was not who he claimed to be and the model lost a significant amount of money to the scammer.

“I was going over for business and I had everything planned, all my designs and everything made up and unfortunately it fell through,” Alannah told the Irish Sun on Sunday.

“So then he just ran off with a lot of money… which was really hard.  It was all a bit of a shock, to be honest.”

Thankfully, a cousin of Alannah’s was living in Dubai and offered the model a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on.

She revealed: “I had to say, ‘look it’s not the end of the world’. I had to pick myself back up and throw myself into something new.

“I was hanging out with my cousin, he lives over here, he worked for Rory McIlroy, so I stayed with him for a few weeks just to get myself set up.

“He was amazing, looked after me very well, introduced me to everyone. He’s obviously very well connected because he plays golf with all the rulers, the celebrities.”

And Alannah found she was enjoying life in Dubai so much that she decided to stay there.

The model met a contact who offered her a job in real estate and Alannah said it’s her new-found passion along with occasional modelling.

She explained: “I began real estate and it is going really well, I didn’t realise how interested I am in real estate until I actually started.

“Obviously I still love modelling and the fashion world but for me, I’m 25 now, I just wanted to try something new and challenge myself to a new path.

“I’m an agent, and I am also with three models agencies over here. I’m going to castings and running around to listings as well.”

The stunning model still hopes to have her own business one day but says she’ll be wary of who she trusts in the future.

She said: “Even with the real estate, once I get my own little thing going, I can just set it up myself instead of borrowing from other people, investors. I’ve had a bad experience with them . . . so never again.”

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