Anti-Scam Tip - Be Smart Against Romance Scammers!According to the Better Business Bureau

Scammers Can Easily Fake Web Cam Videos

When it comes to scams, never believe what you see. In a new online dating con, scammers are using recorded webcam footage and stolen photos to disguise themselves as attractive American,  Canadian, or European singles.

How the Scam Works:

You meet someone through a dating website, and you are falling in love. He/she sends you gushing emails, and you chat over webcam.  One thing is a bit strange, though. Whenever you make plans to meet in person, your new friend always has a reason to postpone.

Finally, after a few months or weeks, he/she asks you for money. The reasons given vary. Maybe he/she lost a job and needs a loan, or she/he has an unexpected medical expense.

After you send the cash, you find that your new sweetheart suddenly stops communicating. (Or maybe he/she sticks around long enough to ask for another loan.)

You’ve been scammed! But more than that, your love interest may not have been a real person at all. Scammers are increasingly using recorded webcam footage and pilfered photos to create fake online personas… all to trick singles into sending th