Compassionate Scammers, Is There Such A thing?

The simple answer is YES!

One of our visitors asked a very insightful question that we will answer in public because you all can benefit:

He asked:

“I have a question that I should have asked myself earlier. It is about the philippine scammer I mentioned before how common is compassionate behavior when it comes to scammers ? I asked Maria if it was safe for me to work out due having a dry cough after a severe cold due to her being a nursing student. And she started showing me concern in a heartbeat she even reprimanded me when I failed to get medicine for it. But here is the thing Maria never asked me for money she did not even stay around long enough to ask for it. We chatted for two weeks and then she just left claiming to be busy with volunteer work in Leyte and her nursing studies. If I had not asked questions about where she came from and how many that lived there along with questions about her family I would probably have saved myself a whole lot of trouble. Should I just run for the hills when someone that I meet on a dating site show concern about me ?”

This is a great question and it points out the difference between different cultures in scamming.

African Scammers

African scammers do not look at you as human beings. You are just “meat” so to say. You are just a “mark” to be scammed. It is all about them. This is why they get upset and angry when you don’t do what they want you to do, because you are wasting their time.

Asian Scammers

Real Asian scammers are real people.

They share their real identity with you, and tell you about their family, children, everything but their boyfriends or husbands. They are real feeling people and while they are scamming you, they do so like any real person would, but getting to know you personally. This is what makes Philippines scammers so good – it is very hard to tell the difference between a scammer and a normal connection. Even when they ask you for money, they could be completely real and just need your help.

Many times they develop a connection with the person they are chatting with, and like anyone, care something about the person on the other end. They are just human, and they care – up to a point.

You may also find that they have a conscience too, and will back away before asking you for money. In the Asian cultures there is a strong sense of duty and politeness wired into them, Some are more shameless, and this should be a red flag, because the degree of “