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Skype Dangers

Skype Calling Dangers Some have asked why they use Skype? The first thing you have to ask yourself is why not? Scammers individually are not very smart. There are brilliant ones, and others incredibly dumb. But scamming is an industry, and like any industry, they have supporters - technicians and technologists that provide services for scammers. A woman was recently arrested in the Uk for writing scripts for scammers - and she made a good [...]

Fake Webcam Footage Fools Online Daters into Falling for Scam Artists

According to the Better Business BureauScammers Can Easily Fake Web Cam VideosWhen it comes to scams, never believe what you see. In a new online dating con, scammers are using recorded webcam footage and stolen photos to disguise themselves as attractive American,  Canadian, or European singles.How the Scam Works:You meet someone through a dating website, and you are falling in love. He/she sends you gushing emails, and you chat over webcam.  One thing is a [...]

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