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Signs Cyber Security Executive Order

U.S. President Trump follows through with a campaign promise on Internet Security by signing an executive order today.

While the Executive Order deals with Cyber Security in a broad way, it also includes key language to develop deterrence strategies and specific actions against other “bad actors” in the world that harm the American People. This will also help umbrella in other people around the world.

This means that the will protect itself better – overcoming the previous policy of doing nothing, it will also take major steps to pro-actively protect infrastructure, business, and the People of the United States.

In summary, this unleashes the full might of the U.S. Cyber Forces against ALL those who will take advantage of us.

Unfortunately, this is not an overnight process, and is one that will roll in over a couple of years, but progress has already been seen in the last 100 days, and we expect continuing breakthroughs.

We thank the President for meeting his personal commitment to SCARS made during the election, and for the commitment of his government to protect all Americans (and by extension the rest of the world where possible).

Here is the link to the full Presidential Executive Order.

The leadership of SCARS asked every one of the candidates last year for their position on Cybersecurity, and ONLY Donald Trump responded.

With this executive order President Donald Trump has fulfilled his promise and commitment.

Regardless of what you think, this is something OBAMA never did.

This is not a political statement, it is a LAW & ORDER statement. Everyone who has been victimized by unlawful activities on the Internet should openly applaud this action and the actions to follow!