(Last Updated On: September 6, 2020)



Last week the largest cyber attack in history took place, and if you saw our post, we were the first in the world to identify the source as North Korea (look for our post https://business.facebook.com/onlineromancefraud/posts/1362964483790751:0).


Now it has become clear that North Korea is actively involved in online scamming too!

The North Koreans have been watching and learning what the Nigerians have been doing, and have now made a major commitment to online fraud as a way of generating funds for their isolated state.

We now believe that there are about 5,000 North Korea personnel involved in scams.

We know that they are using Ransomeware as one means, but online scams now seem to be originating from North Korea also. We believe they are following the same patterns as with the Africans – Fake U.S. Military and Fake Adult Stars & Models.

This serves their political agenda too, since it undermines the faith in the U.S.

Of course you should never friend any stranger on Facebook, but also never respond to unknown senders in email. The North Koreans are using social media and dating sites in a big way – disguising their origin with Proxy servers all over the world.

So please be careful, as the North Koreans are far better prepared, better English speakers, and infinitely more professional.

Our Analysis Department tracks these trends to issue warnings such as this. But all we can do is warn you! It is up to you to listen.

Be Safe!

RSN Team