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SCARS™ Another Fake Female Identity – Example 419 Scammer Profile In Use

Another Variation On The Typical Fake Female Scam


Mrs. Barbara Briggs
& Cynthia

Her Details:

From Mrs Barbara
Mrs. Barbara - Nigerian 419 Scammer - photo stolen

Mrs. Barbara – Nigerian 419 Scammer – photo stolen

Age: 41
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: United States
Location: Arlington, VA
Height: 4 ft. 6 in.
Body Type: Voluptuous
Ethnicity: Native American [red flag]
Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Christian – Other
Astrological sign: Taurus
Level of Education: High school
Occupation: Banking
Income: Less Than $25k [red flag]
Smoking: Non-smoker & don’t mind smokers
Drinking: Don’t Drink
Relationship Status: Widowed
Have Children: Yes living at home
Want Children: Yes
Looking to meet a: Male Age: 18 to 99 [red flag]
Relationship Desired: I’ll tell you later

Her Profile Descriptions:

You can send me an email to my private email address as soon as i receive your mail and will reply with full details and also wait for your answer.Here is my private email address ( barbara.b200@yahoo.com


Her Message:

Please help us and Mail us here ok (

I am Mrs. Barbara Briggs, i am from United states of America currently resides in Europe with my only daughter Cynthia,sh is 16 years of age, I am writing to ask for your help to please accept my child Cynthia in the name of God and help me to raise her up, I grew up as an orphan and now a widow, I have nobody to help take care of her because I was recently diagnosed cancer and I have only 2 months to live, I don’ t want her to suffer again because she has suffered a lot ever since the death of her father and my illness, we have the sum of €2.000.000 Two million Euros inside a box here in a security company which we inherited from her late father Desmond Briggs (my husband) I am willing to transfer this box of money to you while you help my daughter Cynthia to come over to your country to continue her education, and take care of her needs until she grow up and be able to take care of herself, she is a lovely child and I don’t want her to suffer, my husband people abandoned us and confiscated all my husband properties in the states and even planned to kills us due to their greed, we are hiding here in Europe and I don’t want anything to happen to my beloved child, please help me accept her as your own
child and give her the best in life, please do that and God will bless you and your family, We are willing to offer you the 10% of the total money I told you about if you help me to accept my child and train her for me.

Like I said before, I have only two months to live due to this cancer illness.Here is my private email address
( barbara.b200@yahoo.com )

Mrs. Barbara & Cynthia.

A classic example of an Advanced Fee Fraud (419 Scam)

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Please remember that this is a fake identity that uses stolen photos and/or information from a real person.

Do Not Contact The REAL Him/Her
You Do Not Have A Relationship With Them!

  • They Do Not Want To Hear From Men or Women Who Have Fallen In Love With Their Face Or Details – This Is All Just A Fantasy!
  • The Real Person Is A Victim Also And Deserving Of His or Her Privacy And Respect
  • They Almost Always Already Know Their Identity Has Been Stolen And Used By Scammers Because Of All The Victims That Invade Their Privacy

SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


A SCARS Division
Miami Florida U.S.A.


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You Know We Are All Fakes, Right?

You Know We Are All Fakes, Right?



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