Scammers Now Creating Anti-Scam Websites?

Scammers Now Creating Anti-Scam Websites?

Romance Scam Information Alert

Romance Scam Information Alert

New Scammer Anti-Scam Sites?

It appears that scammers are now creating Anti-scam websites too!

Globally, there are about 5 leading anti-scam websites, such as ours.  However, recently, we have seen new anti-scams sites created that just seem to be copies of each other, or copies of other anti-scammer websites.

While we are not sure of each, beware of anti-scam websites that have been around for a short period of time, and just seem to be copies of other websites!  It is for this reason we block all of Africa (so they can’t see what we post or copy it).

Here are a couple of such questionable websites (sorry we don’t want to link to them):


When you look at these sites, you will see that they are written in typical Scammer Grammar.

It appears that the motive may be to abandon known scammer profiles, to convince new victims in some way.  This is not yet clear how they will use these, but it seems clear it is part of a scam ploy.

What we also find very interesting, is the amount of detail about specific fake profile/scammers, leading us to believe they would only know this if they were in fact, the scammer.  Why do we say this?  Because after almost 20 years of watching and catching scammers, it’s impossible to monitor more than a handful of sites without you helping to report them.  So no one site can accumulate some of the info on sites like we see without inside knowledge.  We receive reports from several dating websites of the scammers they have found as well, and we know we are the only anti-scam site that has that mechanism in place. So we know what is possible, and what is not.

While we can not categorically state that these sites are created or run by scammers (lawyers won’t let us), they seem suspect, and you should exercise care.

If you find other suspect websites like these, please list them in the comments for this page?

Legitimate Anti-Scam Sites We Have Found Around The World

These are anti-scam websites you don’t have to worry about.

If we have missed your anti-scam website please let us know to add it here (email us at

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  1. Lily March 13, 2016 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    Muenzer is the alias of a German gentleman I have known for at least 8 years .He used to own the defunct site Scamalert4U. The site is in no way fake, he is actually completely honest and dedicated to fight scams. He did have some personal issues with me, which destroyed our friendship however fair’s fair, I need to speak up about it. is not run by scammers and neither are his other sites. You people are very unprofessional verging on ignorant.

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