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RSN EDITORIAL: GUIDANCE FOR VICTIMS LOOKING AT ANTI-SCAM PAGES What value is there in anti-scam groups (individual people), and organizations (actual companies such as RSN & SCARS)? The real truth of all anti-scam organizations that is rarely told by most anti-scammers (though we do our best to share the reality constantly) is that MOST are very poorly run, and do substantial harm to many. THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF ANTI-SCAMMERS First Sin: MOST anti-scam groups DO [...]

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Other Anti-Scammer Websites Charge Fees! If you are trying to help, why charge fees? We were recently surprised to see that other anti-scammer websites are moving to a monthly fee to access their services and content. These include: We think this is Despicable! Either you are providing a helping hand, or you are just greedy!  Not a lot of room in the middle here! was always FREE and will remain so as [...]