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RSN EDITORIAL: GUIDANCE FOR VICTIMS LOOKING AT ANTI-SCAM PAGES What value is there in anti-scam groups (individual people), and organizations (actual companies such as RSN & SCARS)? The real truth of all anti-scam organizations that is rarely told by most anti-scammers (though we do our best to share the reality constantly) is that MOST are very poorly run, and do substantial harm to many. THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF ANTI-SCAMMERS First Sin: MOST anti-scam groups DO [...]

Tell Us? Please !

We Want To Help! We want to create a listing of support groups, psychologists, and counseling professionals with a focus on Dating Scams to aid victims overcome the experience. If you know of, or are such, please share that information with us? You can include it in the comments are the bottom of the page - we will not post if you prefer not to be identified, but confirm the information and place it on [...]