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Massive List Of Scammers – Part 5


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The following is a partial list of known and suspected Romance Scammers,
Dating Scammers.
and other types of international scammers

It is presented to provide even more coverage, and aid you
in locating scammers more easily through search.

For our main list of scammer emails go here »

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Don't Confront Or Accuse Dating Scammers


Olga KALUGINA [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Other
Kamila Sinicina [email protected] Russia Kazan
Serala kamillia [email protected] Cote D’Ivoire Abidjan
Olga   [email protected] Russia Kazan
Love Angel [email protected] Russia Kazan
Anuradee Buahirun [email protected] Thailand Ayuthaya
Ekaterina Not provided [email protected] Russia Kazan
Allunya   [email protected] Ukraine Kirovohrad
Karelle despoulains   [email protected] France Other
Jane Edward [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Karen Smith [email protected] United Kingdom London
Karen sawford [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Karina karin44ik4 [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Mubarak apusigah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Karin Muller [email protected] United Kingdom London
Karina Caban [email protected] Sweden Other
Anna Bul [email protected] Russia Other
Karina Shevyakina [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Karina lykova [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Karina Kisa [email protected] Russia Dubna
Karina EFREMOVA [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Karina Kuzmia [email protected] Russia Ryazan
Karina Alexeeva [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Karina UNKNOWN [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Karina Karina [email protected] Russia Other
Karina CHADOVA [email protected] Ukraine Other
Karina Karina [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Evgenia Karkina [email protected] Ukraine Kherson
Karla De Rossi [email protected] Philippines Cabanatuan
Milla dark [email protected] USA Dover PA
Karina Karmin [email protected] Ukraine Other
Carol Knoll [email protected] United Kingdom Northampton
Karolina tejera [email protected] Venezuela Caracas
Diana diana [email protected] Russia Omsk
Wictoriya Mamonova [email protected] Russia Moscow
Kate kutyavina [email protected] Russia Izhevsk
Ekaterina none given [email protected] Russia Moscow
Ekaterina Kuwychko [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Nataliya Feikki [email protected] Russia Irkutsk
Katebaby Williams [email protected] USA Bellevue WA
Kate adewole [email protected] Nigeria Ilesha
Katerina Razumova [email protected] Russia Yaroslavl
Ekaterina demakova [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Kate Krystal [email protected] United Kingdom London
Kate Krystal [email protected] United Kingdom Essex
Kate Krsystal [email protected] United Kingdom London
Kate Wilton [email protected] Liberia Greenville
Olga ogurtsova [email protected] Russia Stavropol
Kate Asante [email protected] Ghana Other
Kate Benson [email protected] Ghana Accra
Ekaterina kate vahonina [email protected] Russia Moscow
Kate katedan [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Ekaterina   [email protected] Ukraine Odessa
Ekatarina [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Kazan
Katia Khalifa [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Senegal Dakar
Kate Kimble [email protected] USA Yuma AZ
Kate Kateneedtruelove [email protected] USA Keller VA
Ekaterina Ekaterina [email protected] Russia Orel
Ekaterina Chudnova katenka@[email protected] Russia Krasnojarsk
Ekaterina   [email protected] Kyrgyzstan Osh
Kateryna Kramskova [email protected] Ukraine Kharkiv
Ekaterina Suraeva [email protected] Russia Moscow
Ekaterina —- [email protected] Russia Penza
Ekateina IVANOVA [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Ekaterina Prigorova [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Elena nemtsova Elena [email protected] Russia Other
Elvira, nadezhda,ludmila,krassotka, ekaterina,dimetra Gayazova,Volkova,Platunova [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Kazan
Kate Norey [email protected] United Kingdom London
Katerina NO SAY [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Kate kiska [email protected] USA Paducah KY
Ekaterina Demeneva [email protected] Russia Other
Ekaterina Katya [email protected] Russia Other
Ekaterina Samko [email protected] Russia Other
Ekaterina Semeeva [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Ekaterina   [email protected] Russia Kazan
Kate Rolland [email protected] Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Kate Rolland [email protected] USA Mount Dora FL
Kate Roseline [email protected] USA Brooklyn NY
Ekaterina Suhorukova [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Kath Smith [email protected] Philippines Manila
Kath smith [email protected] USA Los Angeles CA
Kathrina lee [email protected] USA Manhattan Beach CA
Katherine Wilson [email protected] Ghana Accra
Ekatherina Not provided [email protected] Ukraine Donetsk
Kseniya buajlina [email protected] Russia Saransk
Kathie Williams Ghana Accra
Jolina James USA  
Kathrine Williams USA Los Angeles CA
Kathy Moore United Kingdom Birmingham
Kathy moore Ghana Koforidua
Kathy Nigeria Aba
Kathy Williams USA  
Ekaterina Golik, katia890 Ukraine Poltava
Kati Vasilevskay Russia Rostov
Ekaterina Dmitrieva Russia Kazan
Katie Katie Potter Nigeria Lagos
Ekaterina Kisel Russia Tomsk
Elena Novak Moldova Other
Katie underson is th Michael Acupar is who to send USA Woodland Hills CA
Katia unknown
Ukraine Kremenchuh
Katia K
Ukraine Kremenchuh
Katiuska parraga Spain Huelva
Katja not given
Russia Other
Yekaterina Possibly-katjasok Ukraine Other
Ekaterina galinaites Russia Kazan
Olga Poltaeva Russia Other
Katrin / ekaterina Katrin / Ekaterina Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Marina Podlesnykh Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Ekaterina Yellkova Russia Other
Ekaterina Yarovikova or
Russia Pavlovo
Ekaterina Romanova Ukraine Lugansk
Ekaterina Shukshina Russia Vladimir
Ekaterina Not Provided Ukraine Kharkiv
Katya jyr Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Ekaterina Buhonova Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Kate, cathrina, ek Kate, Cathrina, Russia Kursk
Ekaterina Malceva Russia Other
Ekaterina khristolyubova Russia Gagarin
Ekaterina Idontknow Russia Kaliningrad
Katya Not say
Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Ekaterina berezina Italy Other
Katya Bulygina Russia Kazan
Katya hadieva Russia Kazan
Ekaterina Bulygina
Russia Kazan
Katya-regina bulygina-hadieva
Russia Kazan
Katya Nikolaeva Russia Moscow
Ekaterina Miss Russia Pavlovo
Katya salomatova Ukraine Zaporizhzhya
Katrin Solomatova Ukraine Zaporizhzhya
Ekaterina Semenova Albania Other
Katya Meteleva Russia Omsk
Katy, katya, katerin meteleva Russia Omsk
Ekaterina Meteleva Russia Omsk
Helen Novikova USA Nashua NH
Katya Chpokina Russia Orel
Katya gorshkova Katya gorshkova Russia Ivanovo
Katya katya Russia Kazan
Katyasiski katyasiski Russia Kazan
Katyahello KATYAHELLO Russia Kazan
Katya hello Russia Kazan
Katya Kate Ukraine Donetsk
Katya Katyshka Ukraine Poltava
Ekaterina Seliverstova Russia Other
Katya LESENINA Russia Novosibirsk
Katya Koshkina Russia Cheboksary
Ekaterina Beljaeva Russia Kazan
Katya unknown Russia Kazan
Ekaterina abramova Russia Izhevsk
Ekaterina/tatyan/anna abramova/zurbina/pyatova Russia Izhevsk
Ekaterina/tatyan/anna, lina pedro abramova/zurbina/pyatova Russia Izhevsk
Ekaterina Ekaterina Russia Pskov
Ekaterina valerievna none Russia Pskov
Katerina Beloyusowa Russia Izhevsk
Marina Vas Russia Cheboksary
Ekaterina idontknow Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Estela Vega Fernandez Peru Cusco
Katya Love USA Greenfield OH
Katya —- Russia Cheboksary
Ekaterina Antonova Czech Republic Brno
Ekaterina unknown Russia Pavlovo
Kayle jones Nigeria Aba
Karina Karina Russia Cheboksary
Tetyana Redrovska Ukraine Chernihiv
Keiko stevens USA Schenectady New York
Kelly Wilson Nigeria Other
Kelly torrres Ghana Accra
Kelly Weisse Ghana Accra
Kelly Williams Australia South Australia
Kelly Kfjgklhh23 Australia Sydney
Kelsey Martins United Kingdom Manchester
Kemisola davies Nigeria Lagos
Kendra kendra person Nigeria Lagos
Kendra Madison USA Richland MT
Kenney Smith USA Wadsworth Ohio
Irina Shevchenko Ukraine Simferopol
Nadezhda Vorobova United Kingdom London
Keren amponsah Ghana Kumasi
Kerryn Mccraion USA Eau Claire WI
Mary Vickery South Africa Western Cape
Theodra vumey Ghana Accra
Ekaterina Marakolina Russia Izhevsk
Ekaterina pusik Australia Canberra
Yuliya Labeckaya Russia Chelyabinsk
Ketty Smith Nigeria Lagos
Tatyana Efremova Russia Chuvashia
Khadija wahab South Africa Cape Province
Khadija Isifu Isifu Ghana Accra
Elena Kiis Russia Kaliningrad
Ekaterina not said Ukraine Other
Elena GORODILOVA Russia St. Petersburg
Sandra mireku Ghana Accra
Kim Abdul USA Fairfield CA
Kimberly Orsborn USA Lake Dallas TX
Kimberly williams USA Calamus Iowa
Ibtissam Boudari Morocco Tangier
Alice Ken USA Decatur GA
Nina kinakolova Russia Kirov
Elena Kiseleva Russia Izhevsk
Mavis kindheart118 Ghana Accra
Kira Bandana Ghana Accra
Kristina Zakroeva Russia Zlatoust
Ekaterina Bykina Russia Cheboksary
Evgenia Milashka Russia Yaroslavl
Janna Balabaeva Russia Kazan
Elena Gavrilova Russia Cheboksary
Natalia. tata Ukraine Cherkasy
Natalia GRISHENKO Russia Samara
Galina Polouektova Russia Yakutsk
Liudmila Banahovskaia Moldova Chisinau
Halimatu05 halimatu05 Ghana Accra
Aleksandra nao falou Russia  
Aleksandra did not speak Russia Mari El
Andrea Reid Nigeria Abuja
Vanessa Vangaushen Ghana Accra
Anna llina Russia Novocheboksarsk
Luda gggg Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Evgeniy Somova kisskissevgeniya@fast-mail.inf Russia Kazan
Mayya Russia Volgograd
Mariam Mensah Ghana Accra
Naitly Viktor Russia Other
Mariya none given Sweden Other
Nadezhda Rybakova Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Anastasiya unknown Russia Moscow
Olga gun Russia Other
Yulya Nevmergitskaya Ukraine Other
Xenia Pavicenko Russia Rostov-na-Donu
Karina ZEMINA Ukraine Other
Karina Zemina Ukraine Bryanka
Tatyana Tatyana Russia Other
Kisun sung China Guang Dong
Kisya unknown Ukraine Other
Alyona refused to give it Ukraine Lugansk
Neverknown katya Russia Cheboksary
Katya Unknown Ukraine Other
Yuliya Furzikova Russia Kirov
Aleftina parker USA Hicksville NY
Elena Russia Rostov
Ekaterina Smironva Ukraine Other
Lena koluzanova Russia Samara
Lola Adetola
Nigeria Ogbomosho
Kitty collins Netherlands Maastricht
Anastasia Korobka Ukraine Zaporizhzhya
Irina LEVCHENKO Ukraine Lugansk
Mary johnson USA Chicago IL
Victoria Kirichenko Victoria Russia Taganrog
Larissa Kpogli Ghana Accra
Larissa Kpogli Ghana Accra
Larissa kPOGLI Ghana Accra
Katya katya Russia Cheboksary
Too Care Canada Toronto
Kelin Brown Australia Queensland
Kristina not given yet Ukraine Lviv
Meri Meri USA Boulder CO
Larissa Kpogli Ghana Accra
Ani Cet Ghana Accra
Adiza rabiwu Ghana Accra
Viktoria Petrova Russia St. Petersburg
Viktoria Petrova Russia St. Petersburg
Viktoria Petrova
Russia St. Petersburg
Natalia Mochalova Russia Samara
Kristen Hardy USA Gardnerville NV
Michelle Buligyna Russia Other
Nina Ukraine Kiev
Irina Kosila Russia Other
Natasha petrova
Moldova Chisinau
Natalya Pashutina Russia Moscow
Vera Sol Russia Kirov
Svetlana I dont know Russia Cheboksary
Katy Muhametova/Milivoye Denmark Hillerod
Nataliya Unknown Russia Kirov
Sonas williams Nigeria Lagos
Ekaterina Ukraine Lugansk
Elena elena Russia Sochi
Adelaide Klu Ghana Accra
Olga Unknown Russia Kazan
Anastasiya Pshenianik Ukraine Kremenchuh
Marjana kolova Ukraine Lviv
Natasha Natalya Russia Kazan
Eolina Gromova Russia Rostov
Yuliya Shihmatova Russia Kazan
Darya Apina Ukraine Horlivka
Inna Tsap Russia Kemerovo
Vero sarpong Ghana Tema
Gladys or koomson Tetteh Ghana Accra
Irina never said Russia  
Kellkormey kormey Ghana Accra
Yana Koroleva Ukraine Kiev
Lena KOSTOMAROVA Ukraine Lugansk
Ellada Kos Turkey Other
Katya notgiven Russia Kazan
Olga Kostina Russia Cheboksary
Natasha Naumenko Ukraine Kiev
Olga Lipinskaja Russia Moscow
Ekaterina Kotenok
Russia Irkutsk
Ekaterina Lomonosova Russia Izhevsk
Lermusechkak LermusechkaK Russia Ivanovo
Ekaterina Samigulina Russia Izhevsk
Kristina Russia Kazan
Alina alinochka Russia Krasnodar
Vera antonova Russia St. Petersburg
Elena dekina Russia Izhevsk
Anna Smitt Ukraine Poltava
Veniavalm VeniaValm Afghanistan  
Tatyana Kozlova Russia Cheboksary
Yuliya Zharova Russia St. Petersburg
Regina H Russia Cheboksary
Elizaveta NA Russia Irkutsk
Anna pestova Russia Other
Anna Not specified Russia Other
Natalia Mexailenko Ukraine Mykolayiv
Sofia Krasinlicova Ukraine Kherson
Irina/lena/elena/yulia Vacileva Russia Kirov
Oksana Russia Cheboksary
Valya – valentina Vetrbo Ukraine Lugansk
Valya Vetrbo Ukraine Donetsk
Nataliya GORDEEVA Russia Moscow
Nina not say Russia Almetjevsk
Nina scharkaewa Russia Almetjevsk
Elena krasnoeleto Russia Volzhsky
Lilichka Lilichka Ukraine Lviv
Elena Krasotka Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Marina Abakumova Russia Mari El
Margarita MARGARITA NIKOLAEVA Russia Moscow
Anna Uzbekistan Tashkent
Anna Uzbekistan Tashkent
Oksana No Russia Mari El
Mariya Russia Other
Irishka Romashka Russia Moscow
Marina dont know Russia Volzhsky
Olga xxxxxx Russia St. Petersburg
Anna Cheburova krasotylcaya@yahoo Russia Moscow
Anna cheburova
Russia St. Petersburg
Odila Boeva Russia Moscow
Kristina refused to give it Ukraine Other
Kristina lazareva Ukraine Donetsk
Oksana unkown Russia Other
Kristina Maleeva Ukraine Lugansk
Kristina Kamneva Russia Moscow
Kristina BLOHINA Russia Novocheboksarsk
Kristina Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Kristina Ukraine Other
Kristina Zhurova Ukraine Other
Kristina/nina aleksa Tsibkovskaya Russia St. Petersburg
Kristina Ahtyamova Russia Tomsk
Kristina Krasilova France Other
Kristina MERSALOVA Russia Tomsk
Kristina Nagorova Russia Kazan
Kristina Rostova Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk
Kristina Zagidulina Russia Tomsk
Kristina unkown Russia Kazan
Kristine AGUSTINE Philippines Other
Kristina mamaeva kristinka19822009@rambler ru Russia Kazan
Kristina Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Kristina Idontknow Russia Kazan
Kristina Lavrenco Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Kristina Kristina Russia Perm
Kristina Krasilova Russia Cheboksary
Kristina Russia Cheboksary
Kristina cheboksary Russia Cheboksary
Natasha Krasnyanska Ukraine Lugansk
Aleksandra Svetikova Russia Novocheboksarsk
Milana Russia Moscow
Yuliya Russia Kazan
Julia(yuliya) kiseleva Russia Vologda
Svetlana HORNY PUSSY Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Svetlana LEONAVA Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Elena Kruzhilina Ukraine Lugansk
Lena not mentioned Ukraine Other
Kseniya Danilchuk Russia Nerjungri
Kseniya/ elizaveta Khlopunova/ Chirkova
Russia Other
Kseniya voronina Russia Moscow
Ksenia Udalova ksenia Kazakhstan Kostanay
Kseniya Ukraine Bila Tserkva
Ksenia weretennikova Russia Kazan
Ksenia Russia Mari El
Kseniya KOLESNIKOVA Russia Other
Ksenija Weretennkouva Russia Kazan
Ksenia Boulina Petrovna Russia Perm
Kseniya Ivanova Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Kseniya Cwetikova, Ekaterina Bastrakova, Albina Pushkareva, Elena Maksimova
Russia Cheboksary
Kseniya Terpelova Russia Kazan
Kseniya Fadeeva Ukraine Other
Kseniya Konstantinova USA  
Kseniya liubushkina Russia Mari El
Kseniya Liubushkina Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Kseniya SALAHOVA Russia Kazan
Kseniya Sol Russia Vologda
Kseniya Kiseleva Russia Other
Ksenya Akutina Russia Kazan
Kseniya don’t know and son’t care Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Poyarkova Ksenya Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Tatsiana Krylova Belarus Minsk
Oksana Not provided Ukraine Lugansk
Kseniya Izotova Russia Other
Lusya Karimova Ukraine Mykolayiv
Oxana/elvira/olena Ukraine Rivne
Kseniya vladimirovna Berezina Russia Irkutsk
Oksana Libedeva Ukraine Konotop
Kseniya adsha Russia Balakovo
Oksana Unknown Ukraine Other
Oksana Markova Ukraine Slavutich
Oksana don’t know Ukraine Slavutich
Ekaterina not given Russia Kazan
Tatyana Dmitreeva Russia Perm
Larisa Russia Kazan
Ruth f Rodriquez Philippines Manila
Natalya No idea! Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Dasha Kukla Ukraine Lugansk
Elena / elenuchka France Toulouse
Ekaterina Vershinina
Russia Other
Natalia kuzjuk Ukraine Mykolayiv
Debbie Kunneh Australia Brisbane
Elena Kupryk Belarus Minsk
Yuliya sakeeva Russia Izhevsk
Tatiana Vedernikova Russia Kazan
Nataliya Lyashenkow Ukraine Other
Natalia/natacha Ivanova Russia Kazan
Natalia/natacha Ivanova Russia Kazan
Yuliya Krylowa Russia Moscow
Kuvor Charity Ghana Accra
Natalya never said Russia Kirov
Anastasiya NAZARENKO Ukraine Other
Vasilisa refused to give it Ukraine Other
Vasilisa Horina Ukraine Other
Vasilisa Horina Ukraine Zakarpatska
Jessica Arthur USA Washington DC
Marina dmitrieva pavlova Russia Kazan
Ken Wojtseck USA Tucson AZ
Alina oksanenko Russia Cheboksary
Dasha Pogostyuk Ukraine Lugansk
Dasha Pogostyuk Ukraine Donetsk
Myles campbell USA Forest Grove OR
Kylie flores USA Glendale AZ
Dasha antonova Ukraine Sevastopol
Keziah Dasigan Gonzales Philippines Other
Florence Florence Senegal Dakar
Lida Kalyuzhna Ukraine Kremenchuh
Rosi silverio oder Anyeli Marte Dominican Republic Santiago
Victoria N Russia Kazan
Victoria Nikitina Russia Kazan
Elena Ponomarenko Ukraine Lugansk
Elena Odincova Russia Cheboksary
Enriquez ejercito Philippines Other
Olga UNKNOWN Ukraine Lugansk
Lacey care N/A Nigeria  
Evgeniya Don’t know Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Efosa africa Nigeria Lagos
Efosa ladi Nigeria Lagos
Ladi lagos nigeria africa South Africa Other
Elena Russia Other
Zoya Gorbynova Russia Other
Adinan SURAJ
Ghana Accra
Alyona Liamtseva Ukraine Lugansk
Olga OLYA Ukraine Lugansk
Grace appu Ghana Accra
May abio Ghana Accra
Vikitoriya Gryshecka Ukraine Poltava
Olga non Russia Kirov
Aliona Don´t say Ukraine Lugansk
Mariya Unknown Russia Moscow
Ekaterina not given Russia Cherkessk
Anna Kurtviliyeva Uzbekistan Tashkent
Yuliya Ukraine Kherson
Lara Smith Nigeria Lagos
Wendi Afriyiez United Kingdom London
Svetlana Unknown Ukraine Lugansk
Svetlana Don´t say Ukraine Lugansk
Svetlana Ukraine Lugansk
Jennifer Espada Philippines Tacloban
Jennifer cole USA Los Angeles CA
Laila Williams Canada Montreal
Lamela Mensah Ghana Accra
Vida Narh Ghana Accra
Lana christensen USA Providence RI
Lang PWE ARISTIDE Cameroon Yaounde
Elena Dodonkina Ukraine Kiev
Nadejda Martischenko Ukraine Khmelnytsky
Yana Rudenko Russia Other
Yana Rudenko Russia Other
Elena Ibraeva Russia Cheboksary
Christina molotkova Russia Moscow
Ekaterina Golubinskaya Russia Cheboksary
Margo or margarita Domracheva Russia Moscow
Larisa Unknown Russia Omsk
Larisa miheeva Russia Kazan
Larisa ivanova USA New York NY
Larisa Guliaeva Ukraine Lugansk
Larisa Alekseeva Russia Saransk
Larik Larek USA Pico Rivera California
Elena lena Russia Kazan
Larisa Naoumkina Russia Moscow
Polina Vlasova Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Larisa Lezhina Russia Other
Larisa Sweety Russia Volgograd
Llarisa Popova Russia Kazan
Larisa Russia Moscow
Larisa popova Russia Tatarstan
Larisa popova USA Tonasket WA
Larisa popova Russia Kazan
Larissa Kpogli Ghana Accra
Larissa Kpogli Ghana Accra
Goodbaby Goodbaby Ghana Accra
Larissa Kpogli Ghana Accra
Katia Ivanova Russia Kazan
Inna Smirnova Russia Kazan
Inna inna smirnova aka inna timofee
Russia Kazan
Polina no name given Russia Other
Svetlana not said Ukraine Donetsk
Marina or Masha Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Latifa Konte Libya Other
Latifa issaka Ghana Accra
Laura james Nigeria Other
Laura Derrick USA Broomfield CO
Laura Babe Ghana Cape Coast
Laura Méral
Côte d’Ivoire Other
Ekaterina Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Laura David Nigeria Lagos
Laura Doyin Stephen Nigeria Lagos
Laura Rene Austria Klagenfurt
Laura Efuribe United Kingdom Bristol
Laura Williams Nigeria Lagos
Imonitie Godfrey
Nigeria Abeokuta
Lauretta Williams USA Whittier CA
Rebbecca addo Australia Other
Lawrencia assante Ghana Accra
Ecaterina Lavrinova Russia Mari El
Rita saanor Ghana Accra
Sherrie Limbert USA Cumberland MD
Natasha Kozhemyako Ukraine Other
Ekaterina Golik Ukraine Kremenchuh
Ekaterina Lazareva Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Elena Lazareva Russia Omsk
Lisa Hinanay Philippines Manila
Angel Carvert USA Abilene TX
Dorcas Love USA Beaver PA
Ira Russia Murmansk
Vika Sviridenka Ukraine Sumy
Speawnlealk Speawnlealk Afghanistan  
Nadezhda Egoshina Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Rayfa Izidorova Russia Moscow
Ekaterina Angela Russia Tatarstan
Olga Unknown Ukraine Kherson
Ekaterina Ramanoua Russia Orenburg
Katerina beloyusowa Russia Ekaterinburg
Veronika Andreisheva Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Irinalexa irinalexa USA Brooklyn NY
Elena Elena Russia Kazan
Elena Turcanu Moldova Chisinau
Daniela Petre Romania Bucuresti
Elena matiash Ukraine Poltava
Elena Kvitkovskaya Ukraine Kiev
Lena Oprienko Ukraine Donetsk
Elena Trokhimchuk Ukraine Mykolayiv
Elena Solovey Ukraine Kiev
Elena Pribylskaya Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Lena Volkova USA New York New York
Lena LENYSHKA Ukraine Lugansk
Elena Listyeva Ukraine Kharkiv
Elena vladimirinova Russia Tatarstan
Elena Aklanova Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Elena Osipova Russia Cheboksary
Elena Pavlova Russia Kazan
Elena lena yaransk Russia Kirov
Elena Rybakova Russia Cheboksary
Elena LENA Ukraine Lugansk
Lena Sam USA Ames IA
Irina proulova Russia Voronezh
Elena dvokina Russia Kirov
Elena glazova Russia Kirov
Lena tka tkachenko Ukraine Lugansk
Nadezhda Petrova Russia Cheboksary
Nadezhda Petrova Russia Cheboksary
Nadezhda Petrova Russia Cheboksary
Lena Kraeva Russia Kazan
Elena Shuhu Russia Cheboksary
Elena, lena, lenchik not known Ukraine Lviv
Elena unknown Russia Omsk
Natalya Macarova Russia Komi
Eugeniya LENTOCHKA Ukraine Donetsk
Elena Burova Ukraine Yevpatoria
Lena xxx Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Yuliya Besikova Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Elena rodyahina Russia Cheboksary
Elena rodyahina USA Perrineville New Jersey
Lena N/A Ukraine Other
Olga Osh France Somme
Leona white Ghana Accra
Maria Manolescu Romania Bucuresti
Leonita adams Senegal Dakar
Eleonora Prutkova
Ukraine Other
Nina leontyeva or leonteva Russia Cheboksary
Margarita Alekseeva lepeshkamar@g, Russia Kazan
Yulia Stasiva Russia St. Petersburg
Belyaeva lera lerabel@sibmail Russia Tomsk
Valeria belyaeva Russia  
Belayeava valeria1988 valerie lero Russia Tomsk
Naomi leslie Stewart USA Castlewood VA
Leslie Scott United Kingdom London
Leslie Szabo Nigeria Other
Leslie Wouters Nigeria Lagos
Lesya Ukraine Lugansk
Leticia coffie Ghana Accra
Leticia Leticiadevosora USA Beverly Hills CA
Anna Gerasimova,
Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Kseniya Levkinskaya Russia St. Petersburg
Anne Lewis United Kingdom Aberdeen
Lexia don’t know yet Russia Moscow
Julia Valyaeva Ukraine Kiev
Alexandra Pavlova Ukraine Odessa
Yana/yana Golokoz/
Ukraine Kherson
Olga Olga Russia Chuvashia
Lia Johnson USA Fremont MI
Assuthhot Assuthhot Afghanistan  
Nadezhda pesnyakova Russia Saratov
Sandra Liebach United Kingdom Manchester
Sandra Liebach Australia Sydney
Olga N/A Russia Sverdlovsk
Olga N/A Russia Sverdlovsk
Svetlana Russia Kazan
Nina Lukogorskaya Russia Moscow
Nina Lukogorskaya Russia Moscow
Svitlana Tereshchenko Ukraine Lugansk
Lika Konnk Russia Cheboksary
Nadya petrova Russia Cheboksary
Kristina Hlebnikova Russia Volzhsky
Marina Petuhova Russia Cheboksary
Nina Nina Russia Kirov
Olya Olya Ukraine Krasnyy Luch
Ivy MCC Ghana Cape Coast
Natasha Bratee Ghana Accra
Lilan isiya Russia Smolensk
Liliya NA Ukraine Other
Rada/lilia Rada/Lilia Ukraine Berdyans’k
Liliaa pavlova Russia Cheboksary
Lilian Kristof Denmark Odense
Sofia sofido Russia Moscow
Johnson Lilian Liberia Bensonville
Lilian Karume Senegal Dakar
Julia Onipko Dominican Republic Puerto Plata
Liliya Kuznetsova Russia Yaroslavl
Liliya Golovkova Ukraine Lugansk
Larisa Shmeleva Russia Tomsk
Liliya Wildaynova Russia Perm
Lilla sharon Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Lillian Morgan Turkey Ankara
Nargis hamid Russia Novocheboksarsk
Ekaterina unknown Canada Toronto
Grace Bills USA Hockley TX
Irina galchenko lilusmile@googlemail,com Russia Orenburg
Lilya not given Ukraine Lugansk
Svetlana Sedelkina lily Russia Ekaterinburg
Lili lili Belarus Mahiljow
Lilian P Ghana Accra
Lina PETROVA Ukraine Lugansk
Lina Ilova Ukraine Kharkiv
Alenochka Russia Moscow
Lina Baby Ukraine Odessa
Lina razak tahiru TAHIRU Ghana Accra
Linda Blankson Ghana Other
Linda Coker New Zealand Other
Linda Love Ghana Accra
Linda will Ghana Accra
Linda Asantewaa Ghana Accra
Linda ms Nigeria Other
Linda na Ghana Accra
Linda Maria USA Helena MT
Mariam abbey Ghana Accra
Linda nyarko Ghana Accra
Linda Nelson Ghana Accra
Linda james Senegal Dakar
Linda linda becks or linda backs Ghana Cape Coast
Linda Bola Chapman Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Linda Sukhanova Russia Barnaul
Linda M Cortez Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Linda George Malaysia Other
Mary Santos USA Houston TX
Linda Afrifa Ghana Accra
Linda lindamike22 USA New York NY
Linda Mills USA  
Linda MUSHINSKAYA Russia Other
Linda Sam Ghana Other
Linda Sam Ghana Other
Linda Tom USA  
Linda vanila Sweden Stockholm
Lindie Khobi Cote D’Ivoire Abidjan
Lindorah monica prhanic USA New York New York
Linda Thomas USA New York NY
Lilia _ margraetta Pervanciuc
Moldova Bendery
Lizy Wilson Sweden Stockholm
Linda Agyekum Ghana Accra
Linda Johnson USA Paris TX
Emily Emily Russia Moscow
Natalya smirnova Russia Novocheboksarsk
Marina or zlata kirichenko Russia Izhevsk
Marina Kirichenko/Lebedeva Russia Izhevsk
Cheremeh sandi Ghana Accra
Maria Voronkova Russia Moscow
Lisa Chapila lisa pila Ghana Accra
Linda Cass Nigeria Lagos
Lisa Feliciano USA Fresno CA
Lisa Amaka Nigeria Other
Lisa Barry USA Chicago IL
Larisa Tarasova Ukraine Donetsk
Kseniya UNKNOWN Ukraine Lugansk
Mariam Malm Ghana Accra
Anastasiya Ukraine Other
Lynder marthins USA Waukesha WI
Natalya Maslenikova Russia Cheboksary
Tamara unknown Russia Kemerovo
Tamara Kolpakova Russia Kemerovo
Marina Karpenko Belarus Homjel’
Tanya Not provided Belarus Vitebsk

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